The New iPhone is Just Worse

The New iPhone is Just Worse

We’ve done something that at first seems counterintuitive–and then is: we’ve made it worse.

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20 Responses

  1. TheMathDragon says:

    Apple went downhill once Steve died

  2. Trevon Williams says:

    This is why Apple will always be worse than Samsung

  3. Mr Not That Famous says:

    i swear, people with iphone 6’s are acting like their phones stopped
    working…this is why yall are broke, tryna keep up with a company that
    just raises the price but gives you the same shit phone.

  4. Toa Onua says:

    Nothing I hate more than the sheeple that support this horrible excuse of a

  5. Josh Nippleton says:

    Fuck apple and any dumbass who’s looking to buy an iPhone 7!

  6. Excited Cat says:


  7. liamdor says:

    I think a lot of apple fan boys are running out of arguments lol

  8. Gamebat The Gaming Pony says:

    Steve Jobs would have not allowed a lot of this shit to happen

  9. CollegeHumor says:

    We were hoping for a new “super-silent” mode to use on the toilet at work.

  10. Badmunky64 says:

    I love the Galaxy Note’s new feature of blowing up :p

  11. AVeryHappyTeddyBear says:

    Apple is 20% for the device. 80% for the brand. That’s not a good thing,

  12. Leonard schwaighofer says:

    I’m sitting here with my huawei while people argue if apple or samsung is

  13. Darveak Lints says:

    Steve jobs was an inside jobs.

  14. TheXericPie says:

    See, what people dont realize, is that actually there is a reason for
    removing the headphone jack, it wasn’t random. Well, you see, apple doesn’t
    want you using other, better, cheaper, third party products. Why let people
    have a choice in what they buy when you can charge 160 dollars for
    something that is literally the same thing as any other companies headset?
    And as for people saying that Steve Jobs wouldn’t want this, he probably
    would have loved this idea. He hated the idea of third party companies
    making things for his products, so he always pushed for a “closed system”,
    which basically meant that it only ever used Apple products and wouldn’t
    never allow third party products. In actuality, I have suspicions this has
    been in the works for a while, probably only an idea back during the Steve
    Jobs era. It always confuses me why people consider Steve Jobs to be some
    kind of patron saint of humanity… He never really was that pro consumer,
    he didn’t do any real work on the computers, he was just the guy who sold
    them to you. This is right in line with what he would have wanted to begin

  15. rathalos kingoftheskies says:

    screw phones, carrier pigeon master race.

  16. Dan Satter says:

    They say the battery is going to last for “at least more than an hour
    longer than iPhone 6”. An hour. ONE FUCKING HOUR?!

  17. NiteAchilles says:

    2016 – Remove headphone jack
    2017 – Remove charging port
    2018 – Remove home button
    2019 – Remove phone completely

  18. James Toner says:


  19. Chaotic Gamer says:

    Apple is absolutely sh*t…they are making a big deal about it being water
    resistant, but Samsung has waterproof phone and have had them for

  20. PhillyPhan34 says:

    0:58 was fucking gold. Oh my god.