The New iPhone Part 2: iPhone 11

The New iPhone Part 2: iPhone 11

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79 Responses

  1. Baked says:

    I still have my iPhone 6s. Headphone jack ftw.

    • AlzhinSon says:

      @BRBallin1 Can you explain why

    • john doe says:

      I have the 6s as well. If they still offered with the 64gb, I would get another one.

    • GENESIS.mp4 says:

      @BRBallin1 i think ur a troll

    • Kilo says:

      I have an 8 i got after having an android. I prefer android for a ton of reasons but there’s ultimately one major reason why I’m not leaving iPhone. Which is the screen time features. I like that I can actually regulate what I can use and for how long. The internet is the world’s biggest waste of time in terms of shit you can look at when you could be doing stuff on your phone like learning a second languageor reviewing study flash cards. By setting up a whitelist of websites and then limiting social media app use, I can effectively use it more like a tool than allow it to use me.

      Google doesn’t or didn’t have such functionality on the android OS when I was on it last year and why would they? They’re collecting your data and selling it to god knows who.

      So even though android is functionally (and aesthetically) superior, I love the control over my habits my iPhone allows me.

    • Paper Bag Man says:

      @BRBallin1 Ah yes, a sheep reply in every comment mentioning someone still preferring good sound quality via wires that Bluetooth will never provide. Never fails, good job being predictable, just like a sheep would be, idiot.

  2. Lukas Bubliauskas says:

    Steve Jobs: its an iphone with a camera.

    Griffey: it’s an iPhone with a camera

  3. Matina Jazmine says:

    It’s the ugliest phone I’ve ever seen .sorry apple I mean?‍♂️

  4. Jiren chilling in the comment section says:

    I can’t wait for Griffy to make a vid for Fifa 20

    • Yasir Chaudhry says:

      FrenchBaguette But shouldn’t they try to make games realistic? Like come on, if they’re gonna make defenders catch fast attackers then at least make it so that defenders who have decent pace be able to catch fast attackers rather than defenders like alderweireld catching Salah. Might as well get rid of the pace stat for attackers because clearly it means nothing

    • HumbleJaymer says:

      I think apple should learn from fifa ?

    • Project Soul says:

      @Lion7802 still shit. And if you buy it you’re a degenerate

    • Get-In-2-Get-Out says:

      A Soccer videogame where you are able to play Soccer.

      Amazing, I Will buy 3

      …And another One, just to be sure.

    • HumbleJaymer says:

      @Get-In-2-Get-Out plz dont hate on sports games ??

  5. katsuke okura says:

    i swear his hair gets crazier and crazier each video i watch. switches more than apple’s phones


    The iPhone now has 3 eyes and the iPhone 12 will come with 8 legs to make it look like a spider ??.

  7. Prabhav Dhanesha says:

    “It’s an iPhone with a camera”
    “I’ll take 3!”

  8. Ignacio Celeda says:

    Meanwhile at Apple:
    -Guys, we need ideas for the iphone 11
    -A new camara?
    -A headphone jack… duh
    *angry Tim Cook*
    *employee thrown out the window*

  9. The Profesionalist says:

    Originality in Apple died with Steve Jobs…change my mind.

    • Jamila Dai says:

      What did Steve Jobs do that was more innovative than now? People were making the same jokes even when he was alive so your point is invalid. If you ask me, Steve stunted the growth of the iPhone.

    • Julio Reyna says:

      Jamila Dai well man steve made a lot of innovative things, most importantly made so that tecnology was beautiful not only functional, and that is a great innovation

    • Unsolved and unknown says:

      Julio Reyna plus he made it simple and easy to use, that was not always the case

    • Unsolved and unknown says:

      Jamila Dai sounds like you don’t know what your talking about

    • Paper Bag Man says:

      Apple was never original, every product they ever made was stolen from someone else. Their very first product (at least I think it was their first one), the apple computer, was stolen from someone else. Yet every time they stole an idea, they called it innovation. They simply just got worse when Steve passed.

  10. Alpha Coo says:

    “2 weeks? That’s a late release!” Shit had me dying ???

  11. Anime Channel says:

    *iPhone can sell a cucumber for 10000 dollars*

  12. Gilbert Gil says:

    “In two weeks?!? That’s a late RELEASE!!” Deceased lmao

  13. Steazy Adrian says:

    “Because it’s Apple, people WILL buy it!”
    That is so true.

  14. Sara 4.0 says:

    Hahaha so true. If it’s Apple people will buy it even if it’s iPhone 10383737 in count ?

  15. Zahira Mohammed says:

    They just combined everything that Android already has and called it “latest in iPhone”

    • God Isgod says:

      Idk I use apple products but I would never buy a new iPhone.

    • Anouke Sinthasomphone says:

      God Isgod what abot when urs breaks

    • beastfulboy says:

      I have had many android phones and it’s always the same buggy shit, it works nice for bout less than a year and then it says “low on space” when I only have one app installed. I’ve had a 6 plus for 2 years(just upgraded to an 8 plus last year) and i haven’t had no bs like that. At most the U.I would slow down sometimes but what can you expect when even in 2017 that phone was outdated

    • beastfulboy says:

      If your not getting the most expensive galaxy then android is not worth the headaches and corny bs it puts you through, but niggas will swear it’s worth cuz u can “customize it more”

    • Mohacyr Melendez says:

      Yeet Doge I used to have android and it was so shit for me, camera wasn’t good, my phone was always glitching out, and I would be getting virus pop ups a lot(it even got me in trouble once if you know what I mean), also had to delete apps and pictures to make space for new apps I wanted. My mom stills has android and she doesn’t like it anymore.

  16. Allan Ren says:

    Next year is the Iphone 12. Let me guess 4 cameras?

    • Unknown Lakai says:

      @NotLxrd and that’s the problem.

    • Sabri Bn says:

      No next year is the iphone xsss extra large mega s

    • John Doe says:

      Rero idk why, but it kills me when people say android phones there’s no such thing Android doesn’t make phones. Android is an operating system, strictly software.

      I know it’s semantics, most people say android phone because it’s easier. But not all android phones are the same, Galaxy makes phones that run android, so does google, so does LG. They’re competitors.

      Lastly people always talk about android phones have/had this or that, bruh if you got 5 cameras and they’re all ass it’s really not a bragging point.

    • Gofree says:

      @Rero yeah they did. so what? the iphones pictures are still way better and they look more real than your shitty galaxy or whatever you have

    • TankLord says:

      Only a dumbass would waste nearly 1000$ for what most andriod phones have.
      And if your that worried on a camera get an ACTUAL camera

  17. DanPH77 says:

    Apple: “What’s new? We moved the Apple logo down a few centimeters”

    Everyone: *gasp* “TRULY INNOVATING!!!”

    Apple: “but let’s not stop there…we also put another lens on the camera no one will use AND….we jacked the price up and justify this CAUSE…it’s called…get this…iPhone PRO”

    Everyone: *goes ape shit foaming at mouths throwing money at Tim Cook*

  18. iHady says:

    -“What about the ipad and ios 13”
    -“iphone 11 with a camera”
    -“I’ll take 3”

  19. Darrius Poitier says:

    I only have a iPhone, so I can play 8 ball and UNO. Since everybody has one.

  20. MMHB says:

    So we’re just gonna pretend like they didn’t skip iPhone 9

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