The New Macbook Impressions!

The New Macbook Impressions!

Hands-on with the thinner, lighter new Macbook for 2015!

The new Macbook:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Deadmau5 – Slow Down, Start Over


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20 Responses

  1. W.W. W.W says:

    Great video!

  2. Miroslav Botev says:

    QUINTAAAAA! Where’s Justin? lol 

  3. Neelansh Guptaa says:

    too thin is too ugly

  4. magicberu says:

    Is this Macbook a response to the Surface Pro? I’m seriously thinking about
    it, but maybe I’m wrong.

  5. Th3BIaZe says:

    can you break it :P

  6. j29 says:

    That is a sexy-looking Internet browser.

  7. Onuralp ABDÜL says:

    omg quinta from buzzzfeed!! (i guess) at 5:12

  8. JilTheReal says:

    Quinta, is that you?

  9. Mikko Haavisto says:

    I think Apple would be able to produce something great, if they just
    stopped trying to make thin devices. This one sacrifices practically
    everything for thinness.

  10. rosesmit placencio says:

    You stupid why are you hating 

  11. Nahid Wazed says:

    LOL at 3:58

  12. winter wonderland says:


  13. themigustyle says:

    No thunderbolt..? Apple please

  14. veoozo says:

    Oh my god SHUT UP about how amazing the thinness is! The Yoga 3 Pro is
    thinner, has a normal trackpad, a normal keyboard, a bigger display, a
    higher resolution display, THREE USB PORTS, an HDMI port, a full sized SD
    card reader, all for the same price.

  15. veoozo says:

    This is the thinnest laptop that you’ve ever seen? THE YOGA 3 PRO IS

  16. BTAKVE says:

    I have an ipad, and use to have an iphone but Apple without steve Jobs are
    some pretty arrogant pricks. All these years later and no touchscreen
    lhh….. oh really just so ppl also buy an ipad or ipad mini or touch for
    touchscreen huh Apple. You surprise me with your greediness and this
    computer takes the cake. No ports so you have to buy more of their
    products, terrible webcam to buy the iphone, and the list goes on for lets
    see $1500 even though you can buy a decked out gaming computer that is way
    better and more powerful for $200+ less?

  17. Kitty Cow says:

    5:11 she is from buzzfeed lol

  18. Jack McDonagh says:

    But can it run crysis? :3

  19. ZimmyHax says:

    What a piece of shit.

  20. Liery says:

    Why is it thin? Core M.
    High-res screen? Seen in tablet.
    Those ports are exactly tablet configurations, even with no micro hdmi like
    many tablets.
    To me it is going dumber and dumber down the tablet route.