The New Microsoft Surface Book

The New Microsoft Surface Book

Introducing the new Microsoft Surface Book. The ultimate laptop. Learn more at

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20 Responses

  1. Michael Bayol says:

    damn good release video

  2. Gamebag says:


  3. Todd Kapus says:

    Can you get one with Linux?

  4. Hypnostedon says:

    @Wax Tats fag

  5. Jacob Ouaknine says:

    OMG !!!!!! it is about time !!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been waiting for MS to do
    for such a long time. you guys rock! PS: the music and video means MS is
    back on track….

  6. Hypnostedon says:

    @Ascix Perez fag

  7. Hypnostedon says:

    @Farhad Yusifov fuck u idiot

  8. Elijah Jones says:

    I don’t get it, how is apple not bankrupt yet. They haven’t innovated since
    since the apple 2 and they just make less powerful, more expensive versions
    of things already released.

  9. George Wallace says:

    it looks great. but for me, i’m not so digging the laptop to tablet
    conversion. for me i prefer it to be a laptop or a tablet but not both.

  10. akhilb85 says:

    This is going to sell well. The only thing holding people back is the

  11. RikcAvlog says:

    Great job Microsoft, first time i fell excited for one of your products

  12. alex bro says:

    look out, Apple.

  13. Richard Lew says:

    Steve Jobs lives on in Microsoft

  14. Hypnostedon says:

    @Bankside1997 ride 3 dicks

  15. Aslan Tsarikate says:

    This is lovely

  16. Brian P says:

    I would definitely buy it if I had the money

  17. Brandon Davis says:

    Damn!!!! Microsoft is back.

  18. ElementTimes682 says:

    The new Microsft Surface brings you 2 things that are good, A d-GPU of
    NVIDIA (Desktop Graphics Card?) and a intel processor. Well, at least
    people can work, draw, play.

  19. SolidCopy1 says:

    LOL Micsosoft Apple MacSurface Book Pro! Glad to see the photocopiers at
    Microsoft HQ still work well.

  20. Iwan Ekawanto says:

    Now I confuse. Should I take this one or Surface Pro… :)