The New Pinocchio Movie is a Nightmare

The New Pinocchio Movie is a Nightmare

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The new Pinocchio movie is really bad let’s laugh at it

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28 Responses

  1. Kurtis Conner says:

    leave a comment and let me know if I should release the diss track on Spotify lol

  2. Eddybeans Gaming says:

    say what you will but i think Pauly Shore’s voice acting makes this movie 100 times more hilarious. the delivery on some of his lines makes me laugh so hard it hurts

    • Gabriel Jones says:

      @sigh yeah it def is wack when people make fun of him for being ‘feminine’ like yeah not cool. but the optimist in me says that the reason people are laughing about it is the same reason i was, the fact you can clearly tell its an adult man playing whats supposed to be a young boy and the fact his cadence is so weird (probably because of the way it was translated from russian)

    • so yeah says:

      Wooden balls

    • Caroline Grace says:

      @sigh you should be mad that he himself as a straight white male did that imitation purposely instead of mad at the people pointing out that he did, if you need to be mad about something, that is.

    • makeba says:

      i actually think he saved the movie. i don’t think anyone would’ve watched it if not to just make fun of the voice acting

    • screamy says:

      @sigh not really sure why people get offended off of these types of stereotypes. they can be obnoxious, sure, but it really doesnt bother most people and certainly should not be made our problem. im a pansexual trans guy and i enjoy jokes that call people “twinks” or “femboys” because its something that ive come to terms with. i genuinely hope you stop being self conscious about your voice soon and learn to embrace your quirks.

  3. Maya says:

    Kurtis playing Pauly “sentient bed” shore getting water boarded by piss was not on my 2022 bingo card

  4. DevoTea says:

    The fact that the rap sounds sick even in 2x really says something, those bars were straight up firewood

  5. Aaron Jenner says:

    I can’t believe Paulie Shore’s voice acting.. I just can’t. He’s not really THAT bad is he?? I’ve never heard anyone voice a character so poorly. POORLY SHORE. sorry 🤘🏻

  6. waffleisluv says:

    that “so long, butterface” is just so funny to me, with the cat going in slow motion with a mask and a gun. It’s so funny out of context and even in context

  7. Strixia says:

    I still snicker ever time Kurt uses the echoey “balls” from that Barbie movie

  8. steph ritz says:

    “let me ask you equestrian” absolutely and violently murdered me i lost it i just lost it

  9. StellaMagiaDesigns says:

    I never want to hear Pauly Shore say “Daddy!” ever again. That was pure creepsville!

  10. elias says:

    what really makes me mad about this movie is that it’s clearly based mostly off of the russian “Буратино” but is advertised as a Pinocchio remake. They tried to combine some of the elements of the russian and italian versions but somehow made it so much worse than both. Even putting aside how absolutely horrid this movie is in general, i could never forgive it for taking the characters of Лиса Алиса and Кот Базилио (Alice the fox and Basilio the cat), who are ICONIC characters that have a banger song in the russian version, and turning them into this shit. Now there are people who, when thinking of the cat and the fox from pinocchio, think of this. its horrible

    • Becuase I'm bored says:

      Was anyone going to tell me there was a Russian version of pinnochio or was i just supposed to read a YouTube comment and Google it myself?

    • воашинская says:

      i was cringing so bad when that version of alice and basilio was shown this is a crime

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