Who’s ready for something wild?! I can’t wait…



SHOT by Nova Rockafeller

MIXED & MASTERED by Evan Morgan

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54 Responses

  1. Nukelear says:

    He’s neither offensive or controversial, people just need to start using their brain 😂

  2. Jessica Kent says:

    “You might recognize me from offensive rap hits’ 😅💀

  3. D-GiBBY says:

    Buckle up SOFTIES, this could get bumpy!! Can’t wait😎

    • Vanessa Moore says:

      @john from Amarica Blah blah blah! I have only been a fan of Tom’s music for 3 months. I don’t worship anyone but God!
      Facts don’t care about your feelings. If you can’t see that a great way to talk about controversial topics is through music then no one’s words can change your mind.Like someone said u don’t have to listen if I don’t like what he’s doing for 3 weeks. Blessings.

    • Vanessa Moore says:

      @eyesonlyvideo Me too!

    • Zee M says:

      I just recently discovered Tom and i’m a metalhead, i do love his message, that’s what drew me to his music. But i also went back and listened to alot of his older stuff, cause well that’s what i do when i hear something i like. I want to know what they were doing before, and i liked it. Being a fellow Canadian ,i’m proud of this young guy and his girlfriend .You give er Tom do it up good bud, i will definitely listen that’s for sure, show these MFers what ya got, let’s take the maple leaf and shove it right up their asses till they choke screaming for more. By the way Tom you never have to explain yourself, just do what ya do

    • Vanessa Moore says:

      @Paul Balfour 💯% Paul. I have fav bands I listen too, besides Tom, & I don’t like 💯% of their music either.

    • Rebekah Clark says:

      @Paul Balfour I am guessing since today is Friday we are going to have to wait another week to find out. Unless he surprises us before next Friday

  4. Marfoogle TV says:

    YOU HAVE INSPIRED ME. AND MILLIONS OF OTHERSYour other music will inspire just as much as your Controversial stuff. I get exactly why you are doing this video. Your fans will say who cares what the haters say, Its not about that, Its about feeling like you have to keep the same content coming and Youtube is such a bandwagon…once one comment says what is this? Then they all jump on. As someone who has been labeled “Controversial” I hope you realize this is why we support. From one creator and youtuber to another, WE ARE ALL BEHIND THIS AND THE NEXT 3 WEEKS WORTH OF MUSIC

  5. william nicholson says:

    If telling the truth is offensive then society has he problem.

  6. Alex Price says:

    Imagine hearing about Tom through 1 of his last 3 songs and not checking out the rest of his portfolio. He can do whatever he wants and it’s great… including that ghost story.

    • jbw5485 says:

      Dude, the ghost story was wild. I saw how long the video was and thought, meh I ain’t watching all this. I was fucking GLUED to the screen the entire time. Haha

  7. Sezrekahn Eldar says:

    You aren’t controversial, no matter how hard some idiots try to claim you are.

  8. Joel Michael says:

    I don’t know man, the last time a band went with Cherry Pie… well let’s just say it was a rough time for rock n’ roll.

  9. Jessimikuhh says:

    Either way, america is beautiful. I can’t eat chipotle while I drink starbucks while I’m scrolling through all dem social sites and talk shit on a president ((not me but people need to shut up we have it made We ARE OVERLY PRIVILEGED!!! -Candace Owens))

    I’m glad you’re doing this thank you ❤️🖤❤️🖤

    • VIPER _ FeelsPain says:

      In mexico there are naked families in the df which is the mexican city equivalent of like new york or something and i promise you you guys dont want to start seeing shit like that in the us. Thats too sad

    • Gabrielle Daubenmire says:

      @VIPER _ FeelsPain agreed

    • Constance Keller says:

      Candace Owens For President 2024

    • Mr. Jay says:

      Every time I make fun of Joe Biden I get censored for hate speech. Apparently saying Biden damaged his brain trying to outdrink Putin in a vodka drinking contest is hate speech according to Facebook.

    • Melinda Pelfrey says:

      @VIPER _ FeelsPain 👍❤🙏 Been there

  10. Nonconcensusical says:

    Cherry Pie, pits included!
    “Best Rapper, ever”.
    “No Response”.

  11. Jaems Scott says:

    Whoa! Wait! “Fake Woke” “Clown World” “People So Stupid” and “No Lives Matter”
    are supposedly considered controversial & offensive ..? huh, who knew?? I just
    thought they were pointing out relevant and obvious flaws in our society.
    [note: I literally understand what I posted, yes it’s facetious, and also right]

  12. Dark_JokerX007 says:

    keep doing what you want Tom, the haters are gonna hate regardless so why not do what you want even more

  13. Jacob D. says:

    “I don’t answer to anyone”

    In comes the girlfriend 😂

  14. Krista Keene says:

    Best metaphors include pie… Now I want a Tom MacDonald “Ride or Die” Pie T-shirt.

  15. Brandon Cornish says:

    I want the Tom Macdonald that creates whatever the heck he wants. Sounds like a real artist. Can’t wait to see what you make🤙

  16. Steel Punisher 69 says:

    Bring on the “cherry pie” Tom. I can’t wait. What ever you bring us will be great.

  17. Melissa W says:

    “”it’s not what you’re used to.”
    Well this should be interesting
    “It’s not like anything you’ve heard from me before.”
    Shouldn’t be too surprising. You are Tom MacDonald.
    “It’s probably the last thing you’d expect me to do”
    A country love song??!! No way!!

  18. Synful Blaq TV says:

    Tom: “I’m going to make Cherry Pie”

    Me: Tom MacDonald is going to take over R&B too? Game Over!

  19. Samuil Mick says:

    Says it gonna be weird

    Does Opera

  20. Kylie Kyky says:

    Bring it!

    I love cherry pie just as much as I love apple pie.

    🍎 and 🍒 are both 👍🏻 with me!

    Cannot wait!

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