The Next Generation Laptop.

The Next Generation Laptop.

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72 Responses

  1. Parul Batra says:

    What’s next: 1000 dollar GPUs wait… The Rtx cards

  2. Iron Blade says:

    I know you’re never going to read this, but I saw this commercial showing the “Geandpad”, it’s a tablet for grandparents! You should totally review it, it would be hilarious

  3. Maxime Vhw says:

    What clock is that on the desk?

  4. Unnamed Player The Nongamer says:

    *And **_This_** is the Next Generation Comment.*

  5. Prasoon Singh says:

    You must be insane to buy a $3,000 laptop. You can easily get a gaming pc that can play all games in ultra settings and a laptop for that price.

    • Visual Dosage says:

      my laptop is 4.3k… i need a super powerful machine on the go. a pc is not for everyone.

    • TheGivens G says:

      Its called mobility you fucking idiot. Have fun taking a desktop on vacation or traveling or too school or work.
      What do you do all day just sit at home going nowhere and doing nothing?
      You must not be very important if you can’t find a reason to why laptops exist..

    • Mohamed Norat says:

      Meanwhile, I’ve got a laptop at work that’s running a core 2 duo, 2gb ram, 250gb hdd and Windows 7.

    • jukijunk says:

      I use to think it was crazy to spend that much. But I ended up traveling working a lot away from home and my desktop. Having a gaming laptop on the go to play at work, hotel, library, Ur friend house, or wherever else is really convenient. If Ur the type who stays at home most of the week, than yeah maybe it’s not worth spending more.

    • KyLastoutlaw says:

      TheGivens G someone woke up in a bad mood this morning didn’t they ? Why would anyone wanna game on vacation ? You be to busy enjoying yourself to even game . As for school this 3,000 dollar laptop cheaply designed for that price go with Alienware,Apple or rugged laptop made for the field at least they use steel chassis . Not only that you won’t even be able enjoy yourself when this laptop has heating issues like all gaming laptops

  6. Julius Caesar says:

    Linus, the reason you look 10 years younger is because that is the video quality of your videos 10 years ago ?

  7. TheSpookyBoi says:

    Not bad, but I’m getting by just fine with a laptop I have that only has a 970m, an i7, and 16gb of ram. Frankly, anything higher is already overkill. No need to upgrade when everything older still works.

  8. Nathan Emerson says:

    It’s funny because in a few months, this would be considered the LAST generation laptop.

    • TechnoLadz Vlogs, Tech, Minecraft and More says:

      No in a year for the GPU but in 2 months for the CPU

    • KIWIKREW Facepalm says:

      +Surreal Memes i think you’re missing something though, 10 series was 16nm 20 series is 12nm. I think 7nm was the big destination for Nvidia, and this 12nm was just an inbetween type thing before 7nm can finally blow pascal away. Nothing is stopping them from doing a 7nm GPU, only their own goals and expectations of their own architecture

    • Ankur Bajaj says:

      Agree I bought Asus ROG Zephyrus S GX531GS-AH76 for $1800 + Taxes just 3 months back and today its already last gen.

    • DanielNL says:

      And funny, he said “OVER double that” (GPU clock) instead of “ALMOST double that” xD tiny mistake but who cares 😉

  9. Plasmaboo says:

    modern gaming laptop:
    Chips that are too powerful for the cooling, throttles down after 20 seconds, sounds like a jet engine, and cost a ton of money.
    10/10 waste of money

    • Bleack says:

      +Octopussietus you find it more convenient to use laptop than a desktop and might move it occasionally?

    • Kimion says:

      Most gaming laptops dont throttle and are affordable. You’re just looking in the wrong places

    • Evan Curatolo says:

      Kimion most powerful cpus in laptops absolutely without a doubt throttle. Even the cpu in THIS VERY VIDEO was shown throttling. Please provide and example of a powerful cpu in a laptop that achieves full turbo or base clock under sustained load.

    • TheGivens G says:

      +Octopussietus You must live a pathetic boring life sitting at home all day every day if you can’t find a reason too why laptops exist….
      I have a laptop AND a desktop. I know so hard to understand for you people these days.

  10. Lord Karnage BB says:

    Another laptop with interesting specs but at 3k well i dont think so lol

  11. patrick says:

    If you upgrade my specs 4x it still wont even compete with this laptop

  12. 종호한 says:

    The 2070 seems like an delicate option.. fair enough price.. cooling (i hope) and 3 m.2 slots? Not sure if all 3 supports NVMe i guess only 2…

  13. Cbeddoe19 says:

    My 3 year old MSI Laptop gave up the ghost last night while I was working on a report. ? Audible pop that sounded like a capacitor blowing.
    Mine was a great deal but the build quality wasn’t awesome. If I tried to pick it up with one hand I felt like I was going to break it.

    • Johnny Hsieh says:

      My GX60 is now 5 years old with hard gaming. No issues and going strong.

    • Fallen7Pie says:

      +Johnny Hsieh You’re in the ~25%(changes year to year, model to model but call that an average for the decade) then. It’s a numbers game, they don’t all fail in line with the curve management set for engineering

    • Luca Barone says:

      +xze I mean, I still replace my internal batteries, in phones, lights, laptops…but I admit it’s not feasible for most, or not economical if you’re getting it done for you.

    • xze says:

      Fallen7Pie I didn’t know it was that common. My gs63 motherboard died 3 months after a year, if I only had one year warranty, i would ended up with a $2000 paper weight. And affer i got
      it replaced, it died again right before the 2 year warranty ran kit.

    • Fallen7Pie says:

      +xze sounds about right. It’s a form of planned obsolescence that to my knowledge only MSI does and only with laptops and some of their low end motherboards. IIRC the mean target time to fail is usually 36 months

  14. Stefan Etienne says:

    I can build a better Laptop than this.


    Just buy the Asus $3300 one
    It’s way better in comparison

  16. Life is a loop says:

    2 kidney + a liver = Rtx laptop

  17. Raging Roadhog says:

    Free skip ad button: 1:16

  18. Kanishak Chauhan says:

    balls to the WALLET…………….. aswell

  19. Supergaming101 says:

    _Yall complaining about the Laptop At least it has RGB_

  20. Batuhan Çokmar says:

    Something I’ve noticed in majority of these reviews REALLY bothers me. When Linus is ends up giving a product negative review, AIDA64 tests are always made with “FPU” only.. If they are done to brag about “excellent cooling” they are done with all 3 CPU options are selected… By 2:33 mark I could easily foresaw the conclusion he would not recommend this over something else… For those that don’t own AIDA64, I can say the difference between two tests are HUGE.. On My PC, “stress FPU” only temperature is solid line of 74 degrees, CPU+FPU+Cache temperature is 54-57 degrees with 100% fan, and practically its 63 degrees with one fan off and the other at 75%..

    If you were reviewing my PC you could have gone both ways; Do FPU test and say its very loud and barely able to keep up its temps in control, find it unacceptable for a highly priced desktop pc etc, or do the CPU+FPU+Cache test and its very well cooled and barely audible fan noise… So I ask Linus, are you making these tests to really review a product? Or you are told what to say, (or at least you make your mind beforehand) and you play with tiny “details” to make these tests give out the good/bad numbers you need for the context?

    In practicality, AIDA’s FPU test, or GPU tests like FurMark are power viruses.. When I do CFD analysis, (which is arguably one of the most FPU intensive real-world tasks) my temps never go above 66 degrees… HDR h265 encoding or 3ds max renders? both around 62 degrees and while I game its always on mid-50s… FPU test is only good for misleading customers, probably done deliberately….

    • Luca Barone says:

      Could you or somone else elaborate on this ? Like indicate a few videos where this is done ?I don’t really use AIDA64, so I’m in no position to judge, but I’d be bothered by an eventual lack of consistency between benchmarks.

    • Cyba IT says:

      First Linus is throwing out copyright infringements to his fellow YouTubers and now he’s twisting the facts to suit his agenda. Hmmmm

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