The NFL Is Officially Investigating These Peyton Manning HGH Allegations

The NFL Is Officially Investigating These Peyton Manning HGH Allegations

Some have called it a non-story. Others think there’s more to it.

Wherever you fall on the whole Peyton Manning HGH controversy, get ready for it to start creeping into your timeline again because the NFL says it will open its own investigation into allegations that the Broncos QB received the illegal drug at his house during his days with the Colts.

Whether you trust the NFL or not to run an unbiased and thorough investigation—in light of the one they ran regarding Tom Brady and Deflategate—is another story, but it looks like the league is going to sniff around the whole Manning controversy while he prepares for possibly his final game in Super Bowl 50 Feb. 7 against the Panthers.

According to the Indianapolis Star, league spokesman Brian McCarthy said the inquiry, “which began two weeks ago, involves reviews of records, interviews and coordination with other agencies.”

Manning was blindsided by the controversy in December following a report from Al Jazeera America that accused him of receiving shipments of HGH at his house that were addressed to his wife. Manning has adamantly denied the allegations.

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20 Responses

  1. THE GOAT says:

    Well well look at this

  2. Terrence Evans says:


  3. TheGSmith1 says:

    Get him out of the NFL

  4. Alex Miron says:

    stick to hip-hop and rap news, leave this shit to the nfl you unoriginal
    “great value” looking fucks.

  5. Sebastian carbajal says:

    Damn Alex . Hey ma

  6. chickenwityamz says:

    JJ Watt needs to be tested 2 years ago

  7. isaac huerta says:

    I always though Payton’s forehead, reminded me of the elephant man (movie),
    no wonder….. that explains why he’s taking animal hormones lol

  8. Def One says:

    All that HGH went straight to the forehead

  9. ThaGreaT FranK says:

    Complex y’all are super late since y’all haven’t even posted anything about
    Wiz Khalifa & Kanye West…

  10. Felipe Hernandez says:

    It’s no surprise if he actually did use anything. If it helped him get
    better, so what?! All athletes do it

  11. Guwop says:

    Why do people care if complex covers wiz/Kanye beef complex stay corny

  12. Ivan Flores says:


  13. Khadim Mbacke says:

    tell us about the Kanye wiz beef that we’ve already read about! -everyone

  14. Reckless says:

    you’ve have to be retarded to believe that Peyton Manning would take HGH.

  15. Jorge Lopez says:

    Last year the Patriots, now the Broncos! BS……!!!

  16. Abstract Luc says:

    Someone needs to investigate the little bitch Tom Brady….someone wanna
    end his life plz

  17. Reflex Vlog says:

    They must want the panthers to win lol

  18. Juan David says:

    God forbid Brady might have deflated some balls tho

  19. Cyber Smokes says:

    I wanna buy some HGH where can I get it from legally?

  20. ClanBez says:

    Why the fuck did this bullshit show up in my notification. I’m not
    subscribed so take ur spam to another website. I don’t want to see ur lame
    attempt at news again thanks