The Night My Heart Stopped Beating

The Night My Heart Stopped Beating

Top 5 scariest moments of my life. Buckle up buckaroo, i’m bout to take you for a ride.

The Night My Heart Stopped Beating – Animated by Young Don The Sauce God

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52 Responses

  1. Young Don The Sauce God says:

    Thank you for watching, I hope this video made your lock down a little more enjoyable, and when you’re done, don’t forget to check out my friends at Pham Jam animations:

  2. conelius bruce says:

    It’s like hitting the restart putton on your computer

    Young Don: so you mean like the clear thing

  3. Carlos De Vil says:

    Mama Bear: So,honey i dont want u panic but u have to go to the emergency room

    Don: But Anywho

  4. DormaniAvenue says:

    “If you leave. You leave in DEBT. and if you dont its because you DIED” These are facts. 10/10 execution

  5. John Mendez says:

    Don sounding baked: “So are they gonna shock me?”
    Mama bear: They already did”
    Don: “nO wAY.”

  6. Dubboi Youngin says:

    She literally had that “kill” almost took a god out 😂😂😂

  7. JayU_ says:

    I’ve had several episodes of Afib and docs also told me I was too young to have this condition. I finally had a cardiac ablation surgery last year and haven’t had it since. Glad you only had one experience of it.

    • KillinTha Game says:

      @Jeromie Ayisire , I think I might have it

    • KillinTha Game says:

      Ive had chest pains in my heart for a month now, how do I know if it’s Afib?

    • SpectraPhantom says:

      KillinTha Game could just be anxiety, that’s what happens to me, I just get random episodes of chest pain and rapid hard heartbeat that goes away after a few hours prob from just anxiety

    • Ckret says:

      KillinTha Game how constant are the heart pains? it’s pretty normal to have slight chest pains every once in a while. you’re most likely fine and just over thinking it. but if this is a constant pain followed with shortness of breath i’d recommend seeing a doctor. but don’t take my advice. i’m not a health expert

    • JayU_ says:

      @KillinTha Game Are you having any shortness of breath? Do you feel fatigued? Is your heart beating abnormally fast? Most likely it’s anxiety like the other people stated.

  8. INDIV says:

    “Get it cookin in the kitchen” such an old reference yet I still remember

  9. FNevoke says:

    Momma bear: don’t panic, you have stage 4 terminal brain cancer.

  10. RyRobio says:

    “how is shorty not on life support my g” LOL

  11. DaVincii says:


  12. Anonymous says:

    Who else feels like there hearts having an attack

  13. JOSYAH TO SAUCYY says:

    Don: Almost dies

    Also don: You know what i call it
    A1 📦 it almost put me in the 📦

  14. KBoring Tv says:

    I told my girl “A1 box shi so good almost put me in a box” and she said “next time I wont hold back” like she was still in her base form and can go super saiyan

  15. Fabuloso says:

    At first I was like is this just an episode of “Sex sent me to the ER” 💀💀

  16. KBoring Tv says:

    You can hear that he misses that box he was hittin back in the day

  17. jalil williams says:

    Ik I wasn’t the only one checking they heart, seeing if i had “AFIB” thru this story!😂

  18. CleaNova says:

    “I must’ve been killin it how is shordy not on life support” 😂

  19. Dovydas Karenauskas says:

    Don: about for years ago my heart stopped
    My brain: “juul”

  20. Forbidden Death says:


    Don: “I must have been going in. How is this girl not on life support.”

    Bianca: (Uno reverse card)

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