The Nintendoe Paper!

The Nintendoe Paper!

Sorry it’s been so long since we posted a video, this took a bit longer than expected. Hopefully you’ll understand why by the end of this video lol.

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37 Responses

  1. Scout Elite says:

    What a beautiful tribute to nintendo without an e. Absolutely amazing!

  2. Faris Ahmad says:

    If y’all did’nt catch that, instead of going for animation which is the future, Ryan and his crew made the video using stop motion which is considered an old method due to the amount of effort it takes to do it, but of course there are still movies that uses this method but very few of them. Example of some great stop motion movies are like The nightmare before christmas, corpse bride, coraline and the nintendoe paper!

  3. Albert Plays says:

    I understand now y this took so long

  4. just me says:

    What’s next? Lamboeghini with an e?

  5. Albert Plays says:

    Let’s just wait for an X-Bloxs™ commercial

  6. shameer mughal says:

    100% the best video I have seen on youtube

  7. Christy Mathew says:


  8. Just jimini says:

    Waited so long for him to upload something, but this is worth waiting ….

  9. Blessan Alex says:

    Amazing piece of ‘PAPER’

  10. Hi says:

    Such a breathtaking video! Must’ve taken forever to make the props and do the editing. RHPC really makes sure every video they push out is top notch. Great work fellas.

  11. Bagus Prasetya says:

    what the hell this is amazing…

  12. the silly panda army says:

    Those are some sick animation and editing skills

  13. Satyam Kumar says:

    First, there is good quality content
    Then there is super good quality content
    And Then, there is Nigahiga level content…

  14. Daisy G. says:

    Next is the Nintendoe Air

  15. Ekansh's art says:


  16. Cyburner says:

    Gonna get an XBlocks now.

  17. Ronit Sachdev says:

    The video was absolutely worth the wait!!!! You almost had me buying that paper…… This guy cab even sell a poop!!! Hats off

  18. MingforPM says:

    Why does Ryan spend such a long time to make this FUN, visually-impressive skit and it is not trending yet? Meanwhile Logan filming himself disrespecting the deceased and zapping a fish gets trending…..

  19. Shadow says:

    Thank god Ryan can keep classic YouTube alive. I love it!

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