The Nun – Movie Review

The Nun – Movie Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews The Nun, starring Demian Bichir, Taissa Farmiga, Jonas Bloquet, Charlotte Hope, Ingrid Bisu, Bonnie Aarons. Directed by Corin Hardy.

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69 Responses

  1. Ben Wasserman says:

    So this is basically the Thor 2 of the Conjuring Cinematic Universe

    • Bob TheCod Master says:

      Torgan Nassar at least man of steel had a good villain u like Thor 2

    • Mani Kandan says:

      Armando C Thor 2 is the start for the infinity stones, but they didn’t had a better story to connect it. We can’t say the movie is worst. You would never know how reality stone is with tanaleer tivan if you didn’t watched Thor 2

    • Ace says:

      Thor 2, Age of Ultron, Ant man and the wasp are the most disgusting pile of trash to ever be seen. Bunch of little shits go see this piece of garbage and rate it great. Stick to your kid movies.

    • Armando C says:

      Mani Kandan I have not seen Wasp yet so I can’t speak for that one, but simply saying that because we learn of the first infinity stone in Thor 2 it makes it watchable is not really a convincing claim to defend it. Apart from the stone there’s nothing good to that movie it’s basically the BvS of the Marvel universe.

    • Dragonscoils says:

      The only movie I’ve ever fallen asleep in the theatre watching was Thor. Can’t imagine how bad Thor 2 was if it was worse.

  2. carlzson299 says:

    “The Nun is a movie with noises.”
    – Chris Stuckmann, 2018

  3. M.T.S The Shark Movie Reviews says:

    Thus James Wan should just direct the rest Conjuring Films

  4. Evan says:

    Chris grew up as a nun

  5. AWKARI Saves says:

    Chris is having NUN of it

  6. Mula Motivation says:

    Bro this movie was legit hilarious 😂 me and a bunch of other people in the theater where actually laughing out loud😂😂😂

    • Mula Motivation says:

      Jesse Hampton from the kid who got triggered by the fact a whole theater was laughing at a movie that was stupid lol go make some friends and get outta mommy’s basement freak

    • Jesse Hampton says:

      I renovate houses and own my own home. Loser. 😉 But keep on ruining movie nights for countless people. You are truly a hero of Zeros

    • Mula Motivation says:

      Jesse Hampton hero of zeros? Wow your so cringy it’s funny kid, not my fault you spend you time getting butthurt at youtube comments because your obviously a bitch that’s scared to tell people shut up so you can watch your stupid movie;) p.s. this was actually the first non comedy movie I laughed in because the majority of the theater was laughing and able to have fun with a corny film… sorry you don’t have the guts to make ppl shut up if you want complete silence though🤷🏾‍♂️

    • BrandonOfJapan says:

      Damn you salty af lmao, you even used the outdated “get laid” insult. Just accept that youre a douche in the cinema, stop trying to defend your pride on the internet salty crisp boi.

    • Beatriz Manzano says:

      Mula Motivation the same happened when I saw it!😄😄😄

  7. AZ Wildcat says:

    Chris grew up atheist after being touched by a catholic priest. Ahhh memories for dear chris.

  8. 99signals says:

    This is so disappointing. Was looking forward to watching this! The RT score is currently at 32% 😔

  9. Jawless Biscuit says:

    Bruh, this movie had every thing you see in a horror movie. Don’t know why it’s rated so low?

  10. Tara Lucent says:

    Chris, you are the only reviewer I trust when it comes to horror movies.

  11. Kevin Centeio says:

    Damn. I was so excited for this movie. very dissapointed

  12. Important guy commenting says:

    It’s sad that James Wan didn’t direct this movie. It could’ve been much better

  13. MadKidd45 says:

    The movie was soo…. boring!!! Very disappointed! Everyone was laughing instead of scared or screaming. Smh. Horror is dead.

    • Blaze It Faggot says:

      MadKidd45 I saw Hereditary today, it’s a great horror! And it came out this year!

    • MadKidd45 says:

      Blaze It Faggot it’s a good movie but wasn’t sorry creepy though but not scary

    • Blaze It Faggot says:

      MadKidd45 Yeah it’s pretty fucking disturbing and creepy, but I also found it scary. Like the scene where the mom is in the corners of the ceiling like a fucking demon that was kinda scary. And Annabelle Creation was pretty scary also. But you’re right in a sense because 95% of horror movies that have come out in the last five years are pretty much unwatchable garbage.

    • MadKidd45 says:

      Blaze It Faggot I agree bro there both good movies I enjoyed both of them found them entertaining

    • DefaultZ says:

      Babadook is a gem of a movie

  14. beachbum285 says:

    Agree-it sucked but I wanted it to be so much better 😔

  15. Outed says:

    I Know why This Movie Called ” The Nun ” Sucks!
    It’s because its a Different Director. James Wan Makes better Jumpscare than this shit

    – Conjuring: James Wan
    – The Nun: ……

  16. Shaf Hussain says:

    There were no scary scenes…there were nun.

  17. grape juice says:

    I wish there was some sort of cool history about the Nun, instead of being a demon.

    It would’ve been cool if she use to actually was a Nun, lived in the Covent, but practised witch craft secretly or something, she then one day disappeared without a trace, so then these people did investigation, and so on.

    The whole demon from the underworld is boring because that would leave no room for plot development.

    Good horror movies have some sort of thriller in it, the directors should have honed in on that instead of all that underworld demonic shit

    • Nessmess says:

      With the whole religious theme they could’ve made it so dark an eerie. Maybe she ended up losing faith in God but for some reason she really wanted to believe, and this guilt and confusion mixed with the expectations placed on her started driving her insane and making her into this personification of despair. Her suffering was so intense that it bound her to this world
      Idk this is just an idea, point is they could’ve donee much more

    • Carol Naville says:

      grape juice 😚

    • The Experiment says:

      check out “beyond the hills”, by a renowned romanian director

    • The1Americanpride1 says:

      +Nessmess (no understanding of the “afterlife”)

    • Nessmess says:

      +The1Americanpride1 I’m talking about fiction, and a horror movie’s plot. Since when do horror movies have to follow what religion believes? You can make the “afterlife” whatever you want in your movie
      I’m not bashing on christianism, this is an idea for a movie, dude 😂

  18. Dashtag Mania says:

    Saw it yesterday, didn’t hate it, but as a Conjuring fan, I was definitely disappointed. It lacked story, and it had story flaws, Chris is right, it was just jump scares, very cliche. Still thought it was somewhat a fun movie and the ending link to the Conjuring movie was pretty cool. Go see it

  19. Martin Kronström says:

    For a Nun, Sister can’t Act.

  20. SAMMIE says:

    4/10 for me. Too many cheap jumpscares and boring unrealistic characters. cinematography was good at points and some scenes were actually creepy. The story also wasn’t all that interesting and very predictable. This is my opinion ofcourse <3

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