The Odds of This Happening Are One in a Million

The Odds of This Happening Are One in a Million

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29 Responses

  1. Chocolater says:

    Fact: The odds of Paul Pierce pooping his pants in a game and making the hall of fame are 1 in a billion.

    • Sports4u says:

      Everything is in God’s plan, the Lord has a plan for all of us, and He wants the best for us, and the devil does not, true joy comes from believing in Jesus Christ, funny comment tho

    • Mdautkreix - says:

      Odds of Paul Pierce celebrating his selection with strippers? 1 in 1

    • AC3 Gang says:

      This comment is goated! Hopefully y’all can help a small YouTuber out who works really hard and getting so close to 1000 and trying to be the next jxmy!

    • ILazer says:

      Haven’t laughed this hard in a comment in a while LOOOL

    • Marvin Hinds says:

      Yh it’s a shame all your hard work can’t be undone by a toilet incident then. You are pathetic.

  2. Eric Park says:

    this man took it to the next level and created a chart on the basketball court

  3. Mr. Chief says:

    You forgot Tyreke Evans shot! That’s easily the best from behind half court

  4. Adrian says:

    I love how Booker just randomly stands under basket

  5. PGT96drvr says:

    In an alternate reality this shot went in, I screamed so loud that I woke up the kids and my wife gave me “the eye”, before leaving the room to tell them their father is okay. So worth it.

  6. Jaden Young says:

    Jeremy Lambs shot was made 10x better by the call that the announcers made

  7. Kontrast says:

    “The ball is in the tunnel for crying out loud! Somebody has to go get that!” 😂😂😂😂

  8. Anthony says:

    Joel just did a “I swear I pressed square by accident” irl

    • yung_drakoo says:

      I did that in my career on accident I somehow made it then got benched for the rest of the game even though it was a crucial shot 😂

  9. -Maxten says:

    could’ve sworn tyreke evans’ buzzer was that long. i’m surprised it isn’t mentioned

  10. Cooper Trost says:

    dame rejects your 15%

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