The Ohio State Marching Band Nov. 1 halftime show: They Came from Outer Space

Ohio State’s marching band performs during the Nov. 1 Buckeyes game versus Illinois. Theme: They Came from Outer Space.

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11 Responses

  1. Michael Scherer says:

    We Stand with Jon Waters.

  2. Jacob Koch says:

    We Stand With Jon Waters

  3. Cobraskate775 says:

    Go MSU

  4. Sheila Friend says:

    #OSU #Buckeyes

  5. Leo Solis says:

    2001: A Space Odyssey was about Jupiter, not Saturn.

  6. 1144craig says:

    not bad – but not what I would have expected on ‘Military Appreciation

  7. Marty Livingston says:

    The Vulcan salute is the best part.

  8. OHCelt says:

    We Stand with Jon Waters

  9. David Probasco says:

    While the formations were good, the lines and transitions aren’t as clean
    as in the Jon Waters days. 

  10. Edward Ferron says:

    That was fun to watch (a little long but fun)

  11. Franklin Rivera says:

    The only thing I lik to watch about american football the presentation than
    the game is boring.