The Older vs. Younger Sibling Rap Battle

The Older vs. Younger Sibling Rap Battle

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73 Responses

  1. Kyle Exum says:

    Hope y’all enjoyed the video! Now the real question: Who had the better verse?

  2. Stacey Mwaura says:

    No one;
    Literally no one:

    Kyle’s mum: Summons belt😂😂😂

  3. Microwave patato says:

    “It was Nile”
    “i should’ve known it was the middle child”
    That was a twist

  4. Mrs_Apple _buns says:

    kyle: “going on tour”


  5. DavidSure says:

    “You know a single tear will make a belt appear”
    Blackmail 100

  6. Danilson Adonai says:

    “Hold Up, It was Nile”

    It’s always the Middle Child

  7. Michael Tyler Ochieng says:

    It’s him Nile, the long lost middle child that everyone blames at.

  8. Chachi's Adventures says:

    “Your hairlines gonna recede from all that cap”
    That line is straight legendary

  9. Happy Helper says:

    No wonder we haven’t seen Nile before…. he knows he’s gonna get the blame so he doesn’t ever show up😂😂

  10. Krish Agarwal says:

    “You know a single tear will end your whole career”
    I felt that

  11. LeoInfiniteXX says:

    When little sibling said “a single tear will end your whole career”

    I felt that..

    Edit:Thank you guys for this many likes, this is the most likes I’ve ever got.

  12. Chicky Nicky says:

    First born: Enjoying life alone with no disturbance
    Second child Born: “Am gonna destroy their whole life”

  13. Noctis says:

    I showed my mom this and she said “pretty accurate”… I’m the middle child

  14. Trippie Haych says:

    “One tear would end your whole career”

    Me: *OOOFFFFF*

    Edit: I didn’t know there was a Nile😂

  15. Save The Turtles says:

    “It was the middle child”
    So true I’m blamed for everything

  16. Caris Salandy says:

    “It was Nile!”
    “I should’ve known it was the middle child!”

    I love that part though!! 😂😂😂

  17. BirdTheNerd says:

    My younger siblings: “I’m 10 and a half now, I’m adulting”

    Me, in my late teen years: *whatever intensifies*

    • BirdTheNerd says:

      Moonlit M I know I’m not an adult 😂 but I am way older than my both of my siblings and on top of that this was supposed to be a joke, so just chill out, dude

    • Moonlit M says:

      @BirdTheNerd I am ‘chilled out’, so that was again another false assumption on your part.

    • BirdTheNerd says:

      Moonlit M My sincerest apologies for that 🙂 can we just stop this, ignore each other and be mature in that case? And since you called me a kid, I’m AGAIN going to *assume* you are an adult yourself, and should be naturally more mature than me.

    • Moonlit M says:

      @BirdTheNerd Fair enough, but no one’s being immature here, this is just a discussion between two users responding to each other (for the time being). Also, I don’t know how you go from me calling you a kid to you assuming that I’m an adult (which is your third false assumption since I’m not an adult and probably similar in age to you).

    • BirdTheNerd says:

      Moonlit M I’m on a roll of false assumptions today aren’t I? 😂 I’m sorry for that and you make a fair point. I’m just a bit under of the weather today and I feel extremely irritable. I hope you have a nice day, and I hope I didn’t come of rude or irrational to you 🙂

  18. Tytronics says:

    Me: The rap battle happend

    Thanos: I better snap twice

    • Jordy Anyanonu says:

      If thanos snapped twice that’s not guaranteed that they both die
      He would have to snap 32 times to get everybody in the entire world to die
      And that’s if he didn’t die in thhe process
      But lol

    • Michael Townley says:

      Jordy Anyanonu but doesn’t he wipe out half of the universe in 1 Snap?

    • Jordy Anyanonu says:

      Yeah, but snap again, it’s half of that remaining half
      Then half of that
      Then half of that and os on

  19. Alex 1885 says:

    Glad i’m an only child

    That’s a lie, literally everyone around me has some close sibling or cousin to talk, play or hang with everyday and in this house it’s just me, my mom and 2 kitties.

    Ok i shouldn’t complain, cuz i talk with them kitties all day anyways

  20. Tre Wheeler says:

    Nile walks in

    Two brothers “It was Nile”

    Me: Where has Nile been this Whole time?

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