The One Way You Should Actually Be Drinking Coffee

The One Way You Should Actually Be Drinking Coffee

Coffee + Ice Cream Sandwiches = Amazing Milkshake

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Gardens of Neptune
Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.

Recipe inspired by Tastemade Slacker Shake



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20 Responses

  1. foundyouafterIfoundmyself says:

    I love all the videos with both Andrews in it… they are just incredibly

  2. bethh xo says:

    Andrew got me feeling some type of way 

  3. Brave Crush says:

    Everyone’s here for Eugene, I’m here for Ashly

  4. Leah Longlastname says:

    eugene still hot.

  5. moscardo says:

    That’s not coffee, sorry. 

  6. HeirOfGlee says:

    Drinking your sugars are way worst than eating them. I can eat one ice
    cream sandwich but drinking I can do three. This is why I mostly drink
    plain (just water and seltzer) and eat anything I want.

  7. Tim McAuliffe says:

    Ashly looks AMAZING!!!!

  8. Cristian Aguilera says:

    “It’s ice cream—what do you want?”

  9. percy jackson says:

    aww man. now i want some.

  10. Cosmocreeper says:

    OMG that guy had a Mother t-shirt! Someone knows about that game!!!

  11. Spongebob says:

    Ugene is ugly, THERE I SAID IT.

  12. Rizerr96 says:

    Mmmmmm… Andreww~
    I mean, Coffee Icecream Sandwich Milkshakesssss…

  13. Big Luke Fitness says:

    Are you sure that was coffee and not milk, Jeesh who puts that much creamer
    in there coffee

  14. Banana Power says:

    All the comments on buzzfeed videos are about fangirls fangirling for
    Eugene… Girls mainly like him cause he’s hot, I also think he’s hot but
    my favorite one from buzzfeed is Keith, he’s just too funny

  15. Sarah Zhou says:

    diabetes in a cup

  16. fireballspark123 says:

    That mother shirt!!! Anyone else a fan?

  17. Rabeel Khan says:

    Eugene’s haircut is bae. My heart stopped at 0:36

  18. Priya Malelu says:

    Ashley cut her hair! It looks so cute!

  19. darth vader says:

    OMG!!!! Ashly looks so cute in her new haircut!!!!!! 

  20. Corley says:

    Fun fact: this take only about 30-45 seconds of time. 30-45 seconds of time
    you could’ve spent not being an unhealthy piece of shit