The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper – Opposing the Resistance in Phoenix

The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper – Opposing the Resistance in Phoenix

Jordan visits a Trump rally in Arizona to get the word out about fighting the mainstream.

Watch more of The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper:

The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper premieres September 25 at 11:30/10:30c on Comedy Central.

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20 Responses

  1. juandeldiablo696 says:

    Impeach Hillary 😂 trump supporters have some serious issues

  2. dega says:

    America: *burning to the ground*

    Jordan: *adds gasoline*

  3. magan says:

    These are people who have no close personal contact with anyone other than white people…including the one brown skinned young man. Sheesh! Professional whites….

  4. Corey Roberts says:

    The guy at 1:00 is hilarious 😭

  5. LR M says:

    Who else thinks that white guy at 1:20 is hella cute

  6. Ian Morris says:

    So you found 5 stupid people and interviewed them. Anyone can do that at any rally, good job.

  7. Doug Doug says:

    Until Hillary is in prison the country can not become great again.  Hillary incited this violence and obstruction with her speech.

  8. John Cricket says:

    Wait so there was this huge rally and no violence? What happened to all the violence from trump supporters and white nationalists?

  9. Demigod Superhero!!! says:

    2:56 taking your child to a trump rally should be considered child neglect

  10. TBSandNFL says:

    I thought for a spilt second comedy central would break out of their hive mind of liberalism…….. damn that was a dumb thing to imagine.

  11. The Boss says:

    Jesus Christ. Another fucking Liberal propaganda show?

    At least they got a guy who knows how to be funny this time.

    Still absolutely ridiculous and kind of pathetic.

  12. Ryan Ellis says:

    This is a very clever show, judging by this commercial. I like that this guy exists. I want him to debate Gavin and Milo and Skeptic and Sargon and Crowder and Koukl.

  13. n kn says:

    Hillary dropped out from being a politician lol XD

  14. agroeconomist 77 says:

    I didnt know that you could have so many white trash in one place without disturbing the space-time continuous

  15. Nicole Montana says:

    I’ve been waiting for this for so long!!! I knew Jordan was gonna get his own show and I’m so happy and excited for it

  16. Thatguyuknow2550 says:

    this is good, really good. Hes not manipulating anyone or being a jackass Just fucking hilarious

  17. Josh Walker says:

    Classic, Jordan is filling in Stephan’s shoes nicely!

  18. VinylCAT says:

    Dammit….I’d always felt like Chuck Todd had a ponytail. Ha

  19. Benjamin Abruzzo says:

    The only thing is, will he be a fair comedian who pokes fun at both sides’ idiocy or will he be a partisan comedian with an agenda to make people laugh at one side while being serious about his preferred side?

  20. melqui rivera says:

    They are not antifa the movement ” hint liberals yack the new cancer of our country

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