The Oregon Militia Needs More Stuff

The Oregon Militia Needs More Stuff

As the stand-off in Oregon continues, the brave men in fatigues have found themselves in need of hair care products, creamer, and the most essential survival gear of all, cash money.

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20 Responses

  1. Hammond EZ says:

    they need more bag-a-dicks ?

  2. JW Stacks says:

    they are standing in the face of tyranny, government has grown way to big
    and completely overstepped there bounds,they work for us,not the other way
    around,let’s stand for freedom, your jokes make you look tyrannical and a
    total ashole

  3. Twizted PvP says:

    nice job leaving comedy central, nigga u sold out

  4. jpalm32 says:

    POS! Should be cancelled!

  5. HorribleSonofa says:

    “Shopping is for women and queers! Thanks for the help, Mom. …Freeedom!”

  6. Chance Reroma says:

    someone in this comments section called them “Y’all Qaeda” and i died

  7. ManiacX1999 says:

    And you foreigners thought Texas was the backwards state. It’s actually
    most Southern states…

  8. Mike Kopczynski says:

    Someone send them a magic conch

  9. T'Town Tim says:

    i could make a mint selling floppy hats to these guys….damn…someone
    beat me to it….bhahahahahaha….=/

  10. Bryan smarties says:

    They’re like a vanilla ISIS.

  11. InTheWheel says:

    I had no idea so many people had no jobs and expensive rifles & handguns.

  12. AsianSensation Studios says:

    Aw he didn’t talk about the fact that someone sent them a 8 inch dildo :(

  13. Knights Templar says:

    Knowing you Rednecks … a reality show is definatey on the way ..

  14. TheEseJandro says:

    what a bunch of pussies lol

  15. Brandon Hernandez says:

    Send them expire food.

  16. Jeff B says:

    Guess most people don’t realize there are kids with them there and that the
    roads have actually been cut off and the power

  17. horsepees mctitties says:

    The FBI got caught posing as militia members by the fire chief look into it
    not so funny…..

  18. Kairasu says:

    Those settlers need your help I will mark it on your map.

  19. God says:

    I sent them a dildo.