The Original Avengers Promo 70s

The Original Avengers Promo 70s

The film was so good that the cinema projectionists hanged himself.

Avengers together for the first time in this 1978 made for TV movie

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20 Responses

  1. Terry zeringue says:

    kiss Wtf?

  2. Exile Code says:

    Didn’t know Iron Man was a metal dildo

  3. Shard Cyrus says:

    Oh great i can see why this was bad i mean the villains were KISS of all

  4. Cho0segoose says:

    why my nigga Tony in hazmat

  5. thugie1 says:

    Paul Lynde lol. Fun video.

  6. SGKatrox says:

    The IronMan! Sponsored by Heinz ketchup

  7. Joshua Brawner says:

    this made me laugh so fucking hard

  8. Flamy Zam says:

    Millionaire playboy!?

  9. roodles prease says:

    hulk, cylons and kiss.
    those were the eighties ;-)

  10. Cody K says:

    I immediately feel bored when watching this

  11. J. Mike says:

    Did anyone realized this is a fake trailer? just random scenes from old

  12. DreamRevealer says:

    So glad to live in today.

  13. OoHOAXoO 1R says:

    fucking hawk eye! hahaha

  14. Bazooka Penguinz says:

    This is fake right.

  15. snap kz says:

    Still better than batman v superman

  16. jules winnfield says:

    why the fuck is kiss there? xD

  17. MichaelJackson says:

    anyone read the description.

  18. Chris says:

    Justice League > Avengers

  19. Drew Nichols says:

    so many dc fanboys out here

  20. Camerin Davs says:

    when you realize this is fake af and its a bunch of clips from the 1970s