The Original Material Girl Is Back

The Original Material Girl Is Back

Sarah Palin’s linguistically acrobatic endorsement of Donald Trump wasn’t fair to the rest of the candidates. So Stephen’s got a Palin endorsement for everyone.

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20 Responses

  1. TheDutchViewer says:

    Is it just me or does Sarah Palin really looks like Roseanne Barr?!

  2. MobiusBandwidth says:

    what the actual fuck did she even say? 0.0

  3. Sarah Michel says:

    I seriously lost bodily fluids watching this I laughed so hard! BRILLIANT
    comic writing and delivery!

  4. G HDW says:

    Iron Sky predicted what would happen if Palin ever gets into the white

  5. James in Baltimore says:

    Like Stephen, I’ve almost missed Governor and her Dopey-Strangey schtick.

  6. Vito Wash says:

    The bitch is back!

  7. bordy217 says:

    I find it funny that all these “public servants” bash the president for
    being a former community organizer and serving the public.

    Why is that an insult? Rhetorical question (these people are morons)

  8. Gerard Costermans says:

    So yeah, in my book that’s the definition of batshit insane. My country has
    it’s own flaws, but how is it possible that the USA managed to get her to
    be the nominee for vice-president? It’s almost funny, were it not so sad
    that this actually happened.

  9. jattz4lyfe says:

    even trump wants her to stfu

  10. Eiko Pumpkin says:

    Why do they keep thinking that the people love the politicians that speak
    the loudest, but don’t actually say anything? Oh, that’s because they know
    it works…

  11. AGuyInAHat says:

    You still got it Colbert. You still fucking got it.

  12. Daniel Danielsen says:

    I….still…kinda wanna punish her in the bedroom….but with a gagball.


    He even tazed himself with an electronic stud finder…. (could have used a
    REAL Tazer) :)

  14. queeck0 says:

    John Cleese is right,
    she does sound like a parakeet

  15. Hu'e'y Vo says:

    I didn’t watcher her full speech but a few segments shown here are enough
    to destroy half of my brain cells.

  16. hugeegosorry says:

    Did Amir from Jake and Amir write this?

  17. Sumair Bawa says:

    Colbert is the fkin’ man.

  18. Brufz says:

    I’m sorry Stephen.. you weren’t the best part of the clip or Sarah even.
    Trump reaction was a really show stealer !

  19. Ed reyna says:

    Lord Look is this about making the avatar movie or not let leo get an Oscar
    , is that it because why else would two of the 4 horse man of the
    Apocalypse be walking among us.

  20. esdras santiago says:

    that moment when you have a hard time telling Sarah Palin and Lisa Ann
    apart. Thank you ***hub. Hahaha