The Other Side Of Adele’s “Hello”

The Other Side Of Adele’s “Hello”

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20 Responses

  1. Lazy Gamer says:


  2. dazza1008c says:


  3. givemethat pizza says:

    I’d love to call the doctor too

  4. Andrew Lee says:

    she looks like a horse

  5. Bibek Gautam says:

    Adele’s voice and Trap’s constant interruption. I wanted her to finish the
    line, ok? And i don’t have OCD or anything even.

  6. fire breathing bunny says:

    This was hilarious!!! I loved that ending line!!.

  7. Adam Connick O'Neill says:

    ireland this a month before you made it.

  8. Albert Chyn says:

    2:40 “Hello from the outside.”
    “Go inside!”

  9. Anatoxin Lockhart says:

    Come on! It’s Adele!

  10. Geraldine Lim Qian Yu says:

    This is why I have been watching Collegehumour for so long~

  11. 鍾益飛 says:

    I was really interested to see whether the blue or red line would end up on

  12. Rumle Kjaer says:


  13. Felipe Cattan says:

    That song used to make me cry,
    now it’s just depressing.

  14. Akshay Ramnani says:

    just awesome….

  15. TheWestGuy99 says:

    You copied my Hello video! Like everyone hasn’t made one at this point. But
    still funny.

  16. blinks516 says:

    At least she can say that she tried.

  17. smurfyday says:

    Who wants to hear the presentation?

  18. Turki811 says:

    I want my video be popular, i make video about Adele’s song.

    That’s simple.

  19. Majestic Cow says:

    The ring tone of his phone is the same as my alarm, every time I hear his
    phone ring I cringe too hard

  20. EpicCrowKnight says:

    Trap looks really good, I was surprised when I saw the difference from the