The Paleo Diet for Cavemen

The Paleo Diet for Cavemen

It’s true, fad diets have been around since the dawn of time.

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20 Responses

  1. cryokiller1 says:

    So….are we just not talking about that fact that they’re eating shit? I
    mean, that’s cool, i’ll get on board, I was just wondering.

  2. Defense of the Legends! says:

    Trapp’s moobs…. I’m sorry man. I can relate.

  3. cornishphilosopher says:

    Pretty sure that cave people didn’t eat shit
    It’s pretty much instinctive not to.

  4. Sniper123445 Gaming says:

    If u solve this puzzle u are very very smart

    a census taker asks a mathmetician how old his 3 children are he answers in
    a riddle : the product of my children is 72 and the sum is my house number
    but the census taker still doesn’t get it
    the father says of course I forgot to mention my oldest child likes cookies
    the census taker gets it and leaves
    what are the ages of his children

  5. DMAN D says:

    That is how people react when you say you are vegan XD

  6. CheshireCat says:

    Watching Mike struggling not to use grammar is hilarious xD

  7. Scott Letkeman says:

    could you do more Kim Jun un

  8. Joel Svensgård says:

    My eyes were absolutely glued to Trapp’s jiggely man-boobs….
    They’re …. glorious!

  9. Rottanak Choun says:

    1:06 moment when Trap says “I” and looks to his side… lol

  10. Aztiluth says:

    I eat and try to live Paleo, and this video was just awesome XD I could
    relate to so many things. U guys did a really great job with this one. The
    best part was the end XD

  11. Eve Sparkle says:

    Already working on the next Far Cry, Ubisoft? Sad.

  12. NewWorldOrderFAIL says:

    trapp has gynocamestia, but fair play to him for not being bothered by it

  13. Benjamin kier says:

    I thought the punchline would be Cannibalism, since there’s plenty of proof
    of it historically as part of their diet, but isn’t commonly supported by
    modern paleo dieters.

  14. TheReaverOfDarkness says:

    Is anyone going to mention that these are clearly neolithic people?
    Paleolithic humans did not hunt mammoths nor did they camp around fire.

  15. Ola Heierstad says:

    is that a c cup??


    btw all u vegans who hate people that eat meat. piss off i just tastes good

  17. Victor L says:

    Fuck you. Paleo is awesome.

  18. Daniel Gregory says:

    After dealing with Alopecia Areata for a year, and Dermatologists not being
    of any help, I decided to try Paleo.
    My hair started growing back after 3 weeks.
    I also ate all of the time, cooked all of the time, and somehow still lost
    15 pounds.

    Psuedo-science or not, it’s worked wonders for me.

  19. FieryWingedAngel says:

    That is offensive.

  20. Hector Quintero says:

    Looks like that dude got boobies