the peter griffin skin does THIS..!

the peter griffin skin does THIS..!

the peter griffin skin does THIS..!
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Fortnite OG has finally arrived, with the return of the classic Chapter 1 island after nearly 5 years. Everyone has been wondering when the old map is coming back, and it finally is here- Sprint and mantle your favorite locations, like Tilted Towers, Pleasant Park, and Retail Row, and you can expect loads of Fortnite OG XP maps coming your way on the channel, as well as more content! Including the leak of the new Chapter 5, Season 1 battle pass, featuring Peter Griffin, who does this! 🍩🗺️🏡

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25 Responses

  1. @Aid says:


  2. @janel6622 says:

    never expected peter griffin in the game. gotta get the skin cuz its crazy

  3. @Free.V-Bucks.on.My.Profile says:

    I hope that the new supper styles are actually something unique, not just gold styles

  4. @bradleyjordan08 says:

    if peters glider isn’t the peter-copter im gonna die inside

  5. @I-Need-You-Tonight says:

    would be cool if the emote is like the eminem emote, when peter is doing the emote he sings the song instead of the original singer

    • @advilpm359 says:

      Bro if they don’t give me fat Peter Griffen Imma be mad af…I know they doing cause people will be. ” woke “about it

    • @KorvasYT says:

      ​@@advilpm359 Every skin follows the same hitbox and bone structure(Not sure about the bones) so Epic had to make Peter jacked so he could fit

  6. @LucaAlvarez-xl6pi says:

    Keep up the good work man

  7. @guardianangel5900 says:

    Honestly I’ve only recently started watching this guy but he has really made my days become better from worse all I can do is thank you and hope you keep making more videos man I love the chanllen and everything glad I found you

  8. @FishyBOI354 says:

    Aid people gonna crank 90s with Peter griffin

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