The Physical Friend | Anwar Jibawi

The Physical Friend | Anwar Jibawi



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54 Responses

  1. Anwar Jibawi says:

    Do you have a friend like this?

  2. Sanamahi Channel says:

    Anyone from India

  3. anex - انيكس says:

    بالضبط 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. Vrinda rakwal says:

    Omg Thanos!! =-O

  5. Game Star - Mu7emen says:

    وين العرب

  6. Wolfy Ortiiis says:

    To tell the truth I’m that friend 😂🤪

  7. Monkey D. Luffy says:

    The guy with the black shirt is annoying af

  8. Yaduvanshi Technical says:

    1:05 *😂Anwar Become Thor*

  9. poisonous love says:

    R.i.p Anwar

  10. Sara Riyad says:

    love you and your vids

  11. Slay Sweetie says:

    this should have been the trailer for avengers 😆

  12. Pics For You says:

    Hahaha awsome concept 😂😂😂😂 i cant stop laughing

  13. SCRIPPO LYRICS says:

    Anwar I love your videos man, you a great person!

  14. Ms_VictoriaNGM says:

    oh my god he is soo huge, is he even real !

  15. Elie K. says:

    that guy is so much bigger than anwar 😂😂

  16. Mr Rajput says:

    1:57 😂😂👌🤣🤣…why did you serve him ur a×+ again bro…u were alright on floor….

    By the way love u n ur video bro…..

  17. Golden Shenron says:

    Now this…does put a smile on my face

  18. Linet Kinyua says:

    Love you Anwar

  19. شوبي شوبي says:

    l love you Man

  20. One Punch Man says:

    Anwar dies in Avengers Infinity War lol🤣

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