The Pinkprint Movie

The Pinkprint Movie

“The PinkPrint” Deluxe Explicit:

“The PinkPrint” Deluxe Edited:

“The PinkPrint” Explicit:

“The PinkPrint” Edited:

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19 Responses

  1. destinyforver135 says:

    I know she was acting for the movie, but it still hurts me to see her
    crying. I love her so much!

  2. richie monroe says:

    Wow nicki bravo!!!! Picked the best songs on the album, loved it!!! But
    again I see people bringing Iggy name up in the comment section. 

  3. Daniel Ortiz says:


  4. Darin Murphy says:

    Love you Nicki

  5. Naya Geremia says:

    so proud of the my queen the cryin game is my fav song off the album this
    is so beautiful 

  6. Natalia Olea says:

    S’B :/

  7. Luiz F. Mira says:

    “Grand Piano” reminded me of “Bel Air”, by Lana del Rey.

  8. Naya Geremia says:

    them vocals yasss slayin me 2 the gods yassssssssss

  9. Gianni Stella says:

    e brava nicki

  10. Aroma M says:

    Wow! I have never seen Nicki like that and it actually suits her! I wish
    she stays like that cuz it was so deep and honest…
    I know she is a rapper, but to see this soft side of her was truly amazing!
    I liked part 2 and 3 the most…

  11. Mark Minaj says:


  12. Nickita Maraj says:


  13. Nina Kimberly says:

    Damn Lil Wayne broke her heart

  14. benjie delposo says:

    Wow very Nices

  15. Patrik Polk says:

    haha ;D

  16. jessica henriquez says:


  17. Victoria I. says:

    Love this movie but hate seeing her cry

  18. MedievalBeatz says:

    #nickiminaj #nickiminajonly #thepinkprint #thepinkprintmovie 

  19. kayla sumrall says:

    Love it!!!!