The Pit Stop S15 E04 🏁 Bianca Del Rio & Adore Delano Party! | RuPaul’s Drag Race S15

The Pit Stop S15 E04 🏁 Bianca Del Rio & Adore Delano Party! | RuPaul’s Drag Race S15

They’re back together. Adore Delano sits down with her Season 6 bestie Bianca Del Rio to break down the latest episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 15. Are these Drag Race icons, or Judge Judy and Anna Nicole Smith? You decide!

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34 Responses

  1. Luki la puti says:

    Bianca could wear long gowns and not showing her running shoes BUT she choose to show them every episode AND giving the toes explanation I C O N I C

  2. eile tomines says:

    The og mom and daughter pair of drag race. The banter is just adorable. Makes me want to rewatch their season…

  3. SientjeL1 says:

    I didnt think Loosey would be this fun and this good. She is a true comedy queen but also has good looks and feels like a good ol classic queen to me. She reminds me of Pandora Boxx

    • cxzact says:

      @Cali Gaymer Viacom, MTV and WOW offices would be burnt to the ground if Sasha Colby is not in the finale. And they know that.

    • J G says:

      She just got off on the wrong foot, I feel like she’s gonna be great

    • Michael Criscuolo says:

      Loosey is Hilarious. Everyone here in CT absolutely adores her and for good reason.

    • Cali Gaymer says:

      Watch the latest roscoes viewing party, she is the guest and is funnier than I ever expected! She’s a top 4 of mine now, Anetra, loosey, mistress, spice.

    • mogzbogz * says:

      She’s giving pandora mixed with Jan cuz she knows how good she is and demands that recognition I think pandora is a little more shy about how talented she is lol

  4. melissa C says:

    adore teaching bianca what “no crumbs” meant was such a highlight of this episode

  5. Sea Me says:

    Not Bianca being soft patient and agreeable…. Adore is her kryptonite. 🤭❤️

  6. Triairius says:

    God, I love Adore. Probably one of the most charming queens to ever be on the show. And then her chemistry with Bianca is _chef kiss_

  7. Grace Smith says:

    Please continue giving Bianca absolutely chaotic guests on this show. Fcking genius 😂

  8. Donald Berrier says:

    every episode with Bianca as host is a treat. the guest hosts have all been amazing, and play off Bianca well. it was great to see Adore again! and she was funny!

  9. Kacey Blanchard says:

    I love adore being so matter of fact in saying “well there may be 14 girls, but really there’s only 13 personalities.” Like same

  10. jon.callaghan says:

    Bianca bringing back her season 6 sisters/enemies Ben and Adore is what we needed. LOVE ADORE 💛

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