The Pizza Show: Los Angeles

The Pizza Show: Los Angeles

Los Angeles might not be known as a pizza city, but our host Frank Pinello is ready to show you why it should be. The West Coast doesn’t have a set of pizza “rules” as strict as New York’s, so their freedom to experiment with toppings and style translates into delicious and unique pizza. From BBQ chicken pizza at California Pizza Kitchen to smoked salmon pizza at Spago, California pizza is all about the toppings. Los Angeles’ food scene is diverse and delicious—and so is its pizza.

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20 Responses

  1. Munchies says:

    The West Coast likes to experiment with their pizza.

    Watch more of The Pizza Show:

  2. Grand Moff Tarkin says:

    Fuck LA for putting broccoli on pizza and fuck em for putting salmon and caviar too. If it ain’t NY pizza it ain’t pizza

  3. Fvge :c says:

    i cant be the only one who thinks dominos pizza is shit

  4. GOYA says:

    Mistakes were made, watching this at 2am.

  5. Earumamaadu says:

    Meanwhile I’m eating oatmeal
    without milk.

  6. Ronnie James Osbourne says:

    You could almost say that Frank was shy around Wolfgang Puck…
    Never seen him like this before.

  7. mhofi says:

    chicken on pizza? wtf? fuck those californians, how can you murder a pizza like that? might as well throw some pineapples on it while you are at it

  8. Liex Pompex says:

    Americans are culinary Pig’s

  9. Anthony Lai says:

    CPK, really? That’s like having a New York episode that goes to Sbarro. California pizza isn’t just about experimentation and weird ingredients. No mention of Joe’s Pizza or Village Pizzeria bake better Brooklyn Style slices than anything shown here. What about Desano’s, who still uses wood fired ovens to make the most legit Neopolitan- style in the country? A little research goes a long way, Munchies.

  10. Matt768 says:

    Broccoli on pizza? No fuck you No…

  11. super8nacho says:

    Frank low key wasn’t loving the pizza

  12. kakuella says:

    If it ain’t Italian pizza, it ain’t pizza

  13. ElTipi says:

    so many “connoisseurs” in the comments hating on food experimentation, y’all need to chill and enjoy chefs trying different things, damn

  14. Christopher Calles says:

    LA straight violate pizza, someone take pizza away from California they don’t deserve it

  15. D Mac says:

    This Asian guy is killing it with the douchebag hipster look. spot on

  16. mav stevens says:

    lol rn im eating a pizza with eggs on it for the first time

  17. STRICK9 LIVE says:

    BBQ Chicken Pizza is a Disgrace to Pizza.

  18. David-Alexander Dabic says:

    Frank is hands down the best host on these shows

  19. Cory McNevin says:

    It’s weird, as a Canadian, we actually have quite a fantastic pizza scene.

  20. 23 Savage says:

    Ranch on pizza should be a crime

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