The Plan

The Plan

A public service announcement from Simon Pegg and Nick Frost

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  1. Kiki D says:

    How’s that for a slice of fried gold!!

  2. x3Libras Sweet says:

    I LOVE THIS. Seriously, this is exactly what the world needs right now–reasons to smile and laugh–thank you, guys!

  3. RDPproject says:

    *I LOVE THE ADDITION OF THE STAR TREK MUG* Sorry…didnt mean to shout, but i got excited. Rob.

  4. Tahsin Tasnim says:

    This Coronavirus pandemic is giving me Shaun of the Dead vibe honestly.

  5. Daniel Moler says:

    The BEST! Literally just introduced Shaun of the Dead to my teenagers a couple of days ago. They loved it (of course). Thanks guys! Stay healthy!

  6. Colin Hicks says:

    There’s panic-buying on the streets of London.

  7. VeerCartel says:

    The only good thing out of this pandemic is you guys creating a YouTube channel.
    Hope we have more videos coming here soon!

    • Ebon Hawk says:

      It breaks my heart to say that I can name quite a few good things so far that resulted from this pandemic, and this is the least of them.

    • VeerCartel says:

      @Ebon Hawk Please list as much as you could.
      We would appreciate the optimism in these times.

    • Ebon Hawk says:

      @VeerCartel I haven’t heard the sirens of emergency vehicles for an entire week, previously I would hear several per day.

      we’re suddenly seeing a massive drop in pollution all around the world.

      a lot of people who have been overworked for years are finally getting time to relax and de-stress.

      a lot of people are finding out that they’ve been taking some important things for granted.

      as terrible as it is, it is causing progress in certain ways technological and social.

      and ofcourse the toilet paper meme.

  8. EdTek says:


  9. MinekEzQM says:

    And “Don’t Panic!” at the end.
    So many jewels in one short video.

  10. Jack Hitchings says:

    “No luck catching them Toilet Rolls then?”

    “Its its just the one Roll actually”

  11. bmarc7184 says:

    I hope this goes viral in a massive way. The clip that is, not coronavirus

  12. Will Garmer says:

    “Sorry, mate, I’m down to my last, er, sheet.”

  13. DiiGiiTAL. exe says:

    “As Mr. Sloan always says, there is no “I” in team, but there is an “I” in pie. And there’s an “i” in meat pie. Meat is the anagram of team… “

  14. INFJ Girl says:

    “Do not go to the Winchester! The pub is out!”

    “… even if it’s shut?”


  15. SirCraigius says:

    “I’m going to the shops. Do you want anything?”
    “Sorry mate, all the ice cream has been panic bought”

    • Carly Crays says:

      Really? My area is full of ice cream. Sort of weird, really.

    • Izzy Arland says:

      Can’t say I really miss processed foods *Cornetto wrapper flies by*

    • ArcanePath360 says:

      @JadedeaJade Still plenty left in the UK. Milk and ice cream are the only thing not to worry about. Probably because it’s still cold outside and no one feels like ice cream.

    • PHDarren says:

      @JadedeaJade They must be buying what everyone normally avoids, the 1 ply sandpaper style toilet paper and they need the ice cream to cool down their sore and raw chaffed bum after a good vigorous wiping.

  16. Kouzaris says:

    There’s *panic on the streets of london* due to *serious coronavirus cases* , in many instances the victims appear to be *dead excited*

  17. Kouzaris says:


    “It’s alright Andy, it’s just a cold!”

  18. Gary Buckley says:

    0:20 “Alright…grey”
    As a guy with grey hair I find this offensive

  19. melodie malone says:

    Nick : there’s a girl in the garden
    Simon : is she infected ?
    Nick : her name is Mary
    Simon : yeah, but is she infected ?
    Nick : I don’t know, but she looks really drunk
    Sorry for my English I m French

  20. Kroll says:

    “As Bertrand Russell once said, ‘The only thing that will redeem mankind is cooperation.’ I think we can all appreciate the relevance of that now.”

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