The Predator – Movie Review

The Predator – Movie Review

Predator gets another sequel, this time with more humor…which is a growing trend among blockbuster movies looking to capture that MCU magic. Here’s my review of THE PREDATOR!

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  1. Dormammu says:

    I mean I’m kinda okay with the whole more comedic aspect of the movie because, it’s not like the Predator films were without levity. Shane Black in the first, Bill Paxton (R.I.P) in 2, and Walton Goggins in Predators. They all exhibited crude or black humor, so it’s not like it wasn’t already there, and Jeremy is right they’ve kinda done it all, so where logically could they have gone? Predators took it back to the jungle and just flipped the script at points. I’m not mad they changed it, I’m interested. This means they took a chance to make something a bit different and that’s okay with me, and I’ve always had a bias for this franchise, because I even really like 2.

    • Sebastian Cintron says:

      Dormammu I’m with you on this.

      I own all Predator films on Blu-ray ( yes even Requiem to my everlasting shame)

      And I watch them and enjoy them for what they are. With the exception of AvP Requiem, fuck that movie.

    • guitarman0365 says:

      they could focus more on the actual preds, the little bit of time we saw wolf pred on the home world before he set out in requiem was cool. Wolfie was the best thing about that movie. It’s too limiting focusing on people all the time. Focus on the clans themselves at least they have a culture to explore and are not just mindless drones like the aliens which would not make a good focus for a film. Just like the games they could have subtitles for when the preds talk between themselves so we could understand and still have dialouge but the film focusing on a young pred trying to earn his place in his clan, there is a lot of potential, you could even put in alien easter eggs without making it an actual avp film. Just have humans and aliens as the youngbloods first few missions, maybe space jockeys, show entirely new planets and new creatures for them to hunt as well. When you look at movies like cast away or dunkirk and especially the new planet of the apes franchise( especially the third one which falls under the type of style i am talking about) it has been proven that movies can still be very popular and easy to enjoy without so much talking as long as the plotline is interesting enough. I think there is potential to make a really good pred film if they just stop showing it from the human perspective because yes there really is nowhere else to go now.

    • thewoolycontacts says:

      Yah but the difference between the last several shit movies and the original is that your comedic relief in shane black was removed within the first 20 or so minutes of the movie. And the rest of the humor was subtle and tasteful and felt appropriate in tone to what was happening in the movie. It wasn’t some shit show with laughing for the sake of having it.

    • some Dude says:

      guitarman0365 lol war of the planet of the apes was 1 of the worst films I’ve ever seen. Did you see the part where a landslide came out of nowhere randomly killing everybody? Lmao that movie was sooooooo bad and this is coming from a guy who liked blade runner 2049 which is also a quiet film.

  2. Slenderman says:

    They tried so hard
    And got so far
    But in the end
    It doesn’t even matter

  3. Ribotto Studio says:

    Nice jacket you really should wear it more often.

  4. Nick Mattio says:

    Lemme guess, the Care Bears , X-Men and every character in Avengers: Infinity War showed up at the end.

  5. Lord Amraphel says:

    No, we need a predator film centered around a predator, the camera focused on him, we are guided back to the past through his eyes, a un-blooded Predator.. Going against Templar knights, samurai or Vikings in the past history, why can’t they do something like that? Show us the quest and the battle of a predator trying to get this blood status. Through his eyes!! There are so many things these uncreative hacks can pull from the source material (Comics, Video Games) to adapt to the big screen. But, they only retread the same contrived plot, trying to recreate the first Predator over and over again.

  6. The Black Reaper says:

    I just love the Predator franchise.
    All it needs is to a proper director and cast to make it mainstream in the film industry

  7. C F says:

    I was afraid of this. Predator should not be funny. It’s a Netflix movie for me.

  8. Scott Harrison says:

    I wish they would just let predator go full horror instead of action or this

    • Chris M says:

      That’s the issue with predator is that it was an action movie with a surprise horror twist that is also science fiction. When you give that premise to a new director, no one knows what to do with it.

    • Sahil Parab says:

      Scott Harrison They did…it’s called the NunπŸ˜‚

  9. Brandon says:

    Disney humor is a lazy way to grab the audience. Like The Last Jedi

    • Pat Flynn says:

      +MegaSoulHero I dont give a shit what you say thor ragnarok was fucking hilarious lmao

    • Denenterprieses or whats left of it says:

      Zeruss01 true but recently they’ve been real off balance with the with the humor in their flicks like some of jokes in Ragnarok and the wasp was really off beat so far among them only infinity war managed to hold it out properly

    • ItamarO93 says:

      Sure, Disney humor is cheap, but it can be funny sometimes. Not one joke in TLJ actually landed.

    • TheVirusSoftware says:

      I’m beyond bored and tired with Disney’s humor. It’s as cheap as laughing track – audiences develop pavlovian reactions to anything happening on the screen, so it’s irrelevant now what the joke is, they’ll laugh either way. Oh, there’s a Star Wars reference, and another general popcultural one. What a joke, how funny and creative! And look, there’s place for anything and everything – Plastic Man’s current comic run has plenty of silly humor, for example, but it also manages to pull off serious scenes, and has proper tension. Something MCU movies don’t have anymore – they’re cookie cutter garbage repeating the same unfunny humor formula. I swear, MCU is the Fortnite of cinema right now.

  10. MegaChaosGelee says:

    Where could they go with this franchise? Simple: Do a period piece, completely changing the setting. For example, I’d love to see a Predator movie set in the 16th century during the Spanish conquest on the Yucatan peninsula with Aztecs and Spaniards as factions in the mix (we’ve already seen allusions to Predators visiting Earth in previous centuries). I also rather liked the approach of ‘Predators’ with an alien planet. With that latter idea, only the imagination of the writers and the budget is the limit. Anyway, I’m really tired of contemporary Earth settings for movies like these. It wouldn’t be hard to make it fresh and interesting again, but it does cost a little more money than usual.

    Also, I want this franchise’s installments to be predominantly sci-fi action thrillers with some gory horror elements. I’m okay with a little more humor, fun, and one-liners, but a straight-up comedy? A Predator comedy flick? Seriously? Sorry, if that’s true I don’t like Black’s new approach at all. It just doesn’t fit tonally.

  11. BBmetalhead04 says:

    But is it a better comedy than Alien Covenant?

  12. CrazedHamster99 says:

    Predator was a Scifi thriller dressed as an action movie. Like Alien it worked because of the mystery. Now Predator and Alien are so well known the films don’t work. They just keep adding new things to try make mystery but its always super lame.

    Super predators – lame
    Predators use dogs for some reason – lame
    The new gadgets that are worse than the plasma canon – lame

  13. big tuna says:

    Everyone just wants humornin their movies. Look what Marvel has done lol

  14. deagleninja says:

    Batman vs Predator, make it happen guys

  15. Keylanos Lokj says:

    they screwed up yet another good franchise

  16. TheCulturalBomb says:

    Predator Resurrection starring Bill Cosby, directed by Kevin Spacey and produced by Harvey Weinstein.

  17. TheCreepypro says:

    yeah not enough of a fan to want to go out to see this in theaters thanks for the heads up

  18. jalvarez1982 says:

    Predator 2 is so underrated. I’m buying it on Blu-ray.

  19. Bryan Steele says:

    is anyone shocked? I’m not

  20. TheBraunMachine2011 says:

    Predator 1 & Predator 2 are the best ones, Predator 2 is really underrated and showed that Pred’s not all bad, he won’t attack pregnant women, kids, sick older people etc. AvP1 & Predators had some cool moments but they weren’t as good as the first two films. AVPR felt alot like it was set in a town you’d see in a Freddy or Jason style slasher flick, which made Predator and the xenomorphs stick out in a bad way, didn’t feel like an Alien or a Predator movie and it was so dark you could barely make out what was going on in the night scenes when they were fighting.

    I had high hopes with this but it sucks to know that it has so much comedy in it, love Shane Black and I love the humor of his films like: The Last Boy Scout, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, The Long Kiss Goodnight etc but the first two Predator films had humor but they didn’t go overboard with it. Sad to know this one does. Great review, loved that Constantine reference, that movie rocks!

    • Joseph Allen says:

      TheBraunMachine2011 I mean, he doesnt hunt kids or kill pregnant women cause it wouldnt be an honorable fight. You wouldnt fuck up a 2 year old cause they flip you off.
      I do get what you mean though. Predator 2 get’s a lot of undeserved shit.
      Requiem was about as good as warm milk. I shuddered while watching it.

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