The President Delivers a Statement on the attacks in Paris

The President Delivers a Statement on the attacks in Paris

President Obama delivers a statement on the attacks in Paris. November 13, 2015.

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19 Responses

  1. David Heaton says:

    Bless France.. fuck obama ! The jv team did it again

  2. ben black says:

    #prey for France

  3. Jan Kocbek says:

    From the responsible incompetent fool’s own mouth. Radical muslim or jew
    puppet or just incompetent, who are you.

  4. 666sigma says:

    Didn’t you just say that ISIS was on the run? Oops!

    This dipshit never knows when to keep his mouth.

  5. Viggo Stokholm says:

    False Flag Terror orchestrated by Jews. Also the Earth is Flat.

  6. 1698421 says:

    They make me scream at home.

  7. travisdjoyce says:

    This is what happens when America has two complete flops at the helm back
    to back. We can’t afford to get it wrong in 2016. We don’t need another
    Bush (war monger) or Obama (apologist, pacifist) we need strong leadership.
    Stop arming muslims. Actually use the word ISLAMIC terrorist and please
    develop a strategy as opposed to a philosophy.

  8. viper22jc says:

    This is coming from a president that the day prior said that ISIS was
    contained lmao. Obama is a tool.

  9. [Substantial-Video-Existence] says:

    it’s like a bad dream :-(

  10. Argo says:

    Are you still going to refuse to call the terrorists Muslim, Cowardbama?

  11. Marissa Annette says:


  12. Bob Kiama Mutitu says:

    some Libyan rebels.

  13. aaron o says:

    what a whore….

  14. x00xy1989 says:

    why the American people so Bild.. the usa killid Million civilians in iraq
    and Support isis all the times.. why u Americans are Bild dont wann See..
    your goverment Support Terrorgrupps and Bild them up

  15. Kathleen Blachere says:

    Thoughts and prayers to France …. save the political rhetoric & hatred
    for another day +

  16. MsDDm3 says:

    @rob28803 don’t be ignorant

  17. MightyJabroni says:

    ISIS filled the void that the war left in Iraq. This whole invasion of
    Iraq, that the Bush administration was shoehorning by lying through their
    teeth, has brought nothing but misery! Saddam may have been a slime ball –
    but a radical islamist he certainly was not. Now we have ISIS, which has
    amounted more power than Al Kaida ever came close to.

    Ever since this so called “WAR” on terror started, terrorist attacks have
    sky-rocketed over the years. How can you hope to defeat an enemy, that has
    no uniform, is not dependent on having military infrastructures and can and
    will attack anywhere? One would say that the latter constitutes a global
    battlefield. I say: There is no battlefield. Just like there are no
    uniforms. How do you beat such an invisible, silent adversary?

  18. pxc zoop says:

    they are coming to America wake up wake up

  19. Tedakin says:

    But Obama said they’re the JV team and not an issue…. And a year ago he
    swore to degrade them and did absolutely nothing…. I don’t understand how
    Obama has a single supporter left. What a joke. I bet he still does