The President Delivers Remarks on Iran

The President Delivers Remarks on Iran

President Obama delivers a statement in the Cabinet Room on the impact of U.S. leadership in Iran. January 17, 2016.

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20 Responses

  1. J Benjamin Richards-Heru says:

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  2. Jonathan Hall says:

    Love him or hate him, this development deserves the respect of the American
    people. I am not a democrat, and find my values are more closely linked to
    the conservative side of the fence (I wouldn’t call myself Republican
    either), but I have great respect for what Obama and the State department
    were able to accomplish here. There is a deeply cynical view of the world
    that the far right brings to the table, and that way of thinking has
    resulted in more war, more terrorists, more hatred of America in the places
    that we have taken advantage of people and their territories.

    This should show us that there is nothing “inherently” evil about ANYONE or
    ANY NATION in the world. Despite what the fear mongering leaders of this
    country would have you believe, the Iranian people are, more or less, just
    like you and me.

    This diplomacy that has brought us to this place should be applauded,
    studied, and repeated. I long for a world that sees acts of war as the LAST
    RESORT as opposed to the FIRST RESORT. It also shows you that economic
    sanctions, given enough time, can indeed work. This is a legacy achievement
    for Obama and Kerry. This is respectable. Hopefully this type of foreign
    policy bleeds over into the next administration and we can look forward to
    more years of being at peace with our neighbors in the world.

  3. Ali zadah says:

    God bless you barack Obama..

  4. Heidi Reis says:

    obama insulted america telling us great diplomacy has given us a kinder
    gentle iran, is like kindergartner believing the skinny guy gives up his
    lunch ticket because the big guy is his friend

  5. cslim117 says:

    Obama is a fucking joke like people who voted for him are stupid as fuck.

  6. Darth Sidious says:

    Its always funny to me that in the comments there is so much hate but the
    likes always far outnumber the dislikes. When will the stupid people
    realize they’re in the vocal minority. You don’t matter. This president had
    two great terms and the next president is going to be a democrat as well.

  7. Zyptex Gaming says:

    Fu Obama u goal is to fuck UP THE COUNTRY OPEN UR EYES AMERICA

  8. Vulpes Inculta says:

    Giving radical Muslims weapons of mass destruction… Great…

  9. Trevor Bannach says:

    Obama have you been doing to much cocaine

  10. Mark Perez says:

    KANYE WEST 2020

  11. Roozbeh Kasila says:

    I really dont understand why some people dont like Obama. he is a very good
    President. in my eyes at least

  12. ryanmp12345 says:

    but they had broken the deal yet we still give them the money they should
    have no uranium at all and not get the money

  13. Jesse Jennings says:

    Best president in the past 60 years, no fucking question.
    I am a republican from Oklahoma.

  14. Pokemon Kush says:

    I despise calling my self an American because of all the corruption but I
    truly believe mr. Obama has been one of the best presidents that has shown
    streangth and willingness to work with both parties! the people and the
    corrupted government. thank you sir. may you have a beautiful day thanking
    martin luther king who stands before him! we are here for you! we are all
    united as one!

  15. sina rahbari says:

    To all the haters: What was the other options? what was your
    recommendation? if it was not the negotioation and agreement? …. War? so
    many innocent people getting killed? or more sanctions? to make the life
    even worse for 99 percent of Iranians? generating hate to Iran and U.S
    government ? really, what is it? enlighten us. As a Persian, we are
    grateful for this agreement which will bring more hope to our lives.

  16. Pri vacy says:

    Thank you Jesus

  17. average critic says:

    don’t we, America own nuclear weapons…

  18. drue staatz says:

    I hope we all die because of his mistakes, then he has no where to go. He
    will be torn to cinder.

  19. Hatsby Productions says:

    Why does everyone hate him, sure he didn’t do AMAZINGLY, but was he as bad
    as Bush, no he helped the country. Seriously do you guys know why Bush went
    into the Middle-east? “Nuclear Weapons” Which he had “Substantial evidence”
    No all lies, he wen’t in for oil.

  20. Autumn BECKER says:

    Iran spoke to America every time they chant “DEATH TO AMERICA!” in the
    streets. thanks for giving them nuclear capabilities now Obama.