The President Honors the Golden State Warriors, 2015 NBA Champions

The President Honors the Golden State Warriors, 2015 NBA Champions

On February 4, 2016, President Obama congratulated the Golden State Warriors, the 2015 NBA champions, at the White House.

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20 Responses

  1. Ravage Glez says:

    operation fast and furious. no where to hide…

  2. Eric Lyman says:

    how cool is obama… refers to jerry west as the logo awesome

  3. mastermind111996 says:

    David lee is the real mvp coming back and acting like a warrior

  4. Lui Playz says:

    a little too late i should say

  5. WookieNutSack says:

    I want to punch draymond green right in his fucking giant mouth

  6. Chris “Czaddy” Is Dope says:

    i thought david lee plays for the celtics

  7. Aldair Espinoza says:

    Not the best president but the coolest

  8. Amanda Perry says:

    that guy in the back just chewing away on that gum. smh

  9. mikemillzy92 says:

    This gets praised by the people
    but when the kid who made a clock went people lost their shit.

  10. Hollie Riebli says:


  11. funny name says:

    We KANGZ now

  12. ZX PvNd says:

    Justin Holiday? how tf?

  13. XX123XX PRO says:

    I don’t get why Obama invites the Golden State Warriors when the Chicago
    Bulls are his favorite team.

  14. XX123XX PRO says:

    Man it’s gonna be tough when this guys gone. No other candidate is
    interested in sports like Obama.

  15. HairlessNipples says:

    Just imagine curry was secretly a Russian spy and had a 50 cal magnum
    shoved up obamas ass.

  16. Rob Boyer says:

    Counting down the days till this clown is out

  17. Dr Frog says:

    Obamas such a fucking idiot, he could be honoring wounded veterans and
    other people who have been in the service but instead he does this for a
    basketball team? Obviously we can see where his priorities are

  18. Wilber Rosales says:

    Damn Obama, disrespecting the Wizards

  19. Radu Blanc says:

    Obama should stop doing stuff like this and worry about the problems of
    this country that slowly goes downhill

  20. Da Bomb says:

    Congratulations Golden State Warriors and big ups to President Obama for
    being so cool!