The President Show – All Winners, No Losers

The President Show – All Winners, No Losers

President Donald Trump makes an announcement about his upcoming Comedy Central show.

The President Show premieres April 27 at 11:30/10:30c on Comedy Central.

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20 Responses

  1. ShadowHumor says:

    For people that don’t care for the president they sure talk about him alot.

  2. Pissedoffpeasant says:

    This is going to be great lol

  3. -Shaquille- says:

    wow amazing impersonation

  4. Sean Dunn says:

    I think he may have a better Trump impression than Alec Baldwin, there were times I actually thought this was Trump

  5. Derp The Sherp says:

    Man…I’m gonna have to get a gallon of Chlorox, some Windex, a cup of cyanide, and a vacuum to get that thing off his scalp

  6. theylied1776 says:

    I can’t tell if this is Satire or a Documentary?

  7. Flor Ferrer says:

    The voice is eerily similar!!

  8. reyrkiih says:

    WOw! can’t wait! Another show to drive the Trumptards crazy.

  9. jairu vlog says:

    this impression is better than the baldwin one

  10. Burning0NIc3 says:

    I was rewatching the Bernie vs. Trump debate because I was starved for Anthony and his basically flawless impression, but now he has his own show! Can’t wait <3

  11. ronjonsurf39 says:

    the best trump impression by far

  12. Adultish Gambino says:

    holy fuck thats a great impression of the trump

  13. Matthew Smith says:

    Atamanuik’s Trump impression is uncanny. Blows Baldwin’s​ out of the water

  14. Akilah Obviously says:

    haaaaaaaa he’s my favorite trump

  15. Chipz says:

    the hand gestures were ON POINT !!

  16. John Gamble says:

    Spot on impression ??????

  17. Mike Jarrett says:

    Well done alec for your hard work getting trump into the whitehouse.

  18. Orange Hitler says:

    that literally is trump. When does he finally reaize that he can just kidnap the president and replace him without anyone noticing.

  19. Freddy Krueger says:

    Lol the best Trump impersonators make me like Trump even more. Alex Baldwin is over exaggerated tbh.

  20. draft galosa says:

    remember when Trump successfully killed those ISIS leaders, I do.

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