The Presidential Campaign Reveals the Real Donald Trump: A Closer Look

The Presidential Campaign Reveals the Real Donald Trump: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at how the incredible amount of public scrutiny throughout the presidential campaign has affected Donald Trump.
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The Presidential Campaign Reveals the Real Donald Trump: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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20 Responses

  1. Abhishek Goel says:

    62 view and 2nd like. i can die in peace

  2. MonaSwanson says:

    Daily routine this entire election is watching A Closer Look

  3. mshara1 says:

    Fun fact, Hitler rose to power in the 1936 German election when, Chancellor
    Hindenburg was caught using his private carrier pidgeon for official
    pidgeon communication.

  4. Taco1011 says:

    6 days, 1 hour, 13 minutes ’til November 8th (Day of Election.) 6 day, 23
    hours, 13 minutes until the polls close in Alaska til the polls close in
    Alaska. We’ll probably know who the next president is before 8PM Alaskan,
    9PM Pacific, 10PM Mountain, 11PM Central, and 12AM Eastern on November
    8th/9th. I wish I could put myself in stasis until then.

  5. James Marshall says:

    I have to vote for someone I hate to make sure someone I hate doesn’t win.
    Welcome to American “democracy”

  6. BlueSmokeGamer says:

    Just remember, when handling trump, use kid gloves.

  7. Classic Actress says:

    Watching Seth is the only thing getting me thru this horrible election!

  8. Darren Mandalorian says:

    Seth Meyers is Jewish.

  9. Jordan F says:

    Trump will be bankrupt in 6 months.

  10. Bobbybobob says:


  11. Dustin 3423 says:

    I honestly don’t remember what the news consisted of before Clinton and

  12. Jemppu says:

    hah 😀 “presidental” candidate

  13. pornstar says:

    S P E C T A C U L A R * * * * * 5 S T A R S

  14. ho2cultcha says:

    i really like seth meyers! i didn’t even know who he was before.

  15. Gary M says:

    If Trump wins this will be the “last” and “real” election in USA where
    voter’s decisions is matter. Trump will pass the law (example Turkey,
    Korea, Taiwan etc.), that no individual and/or news agency can’t talk or
    report any negative about president or his family members. #2. The 51%
    shares of any TV station must be controlled by government (example Russia).
    Than after 8 years from his Dictatorship, his son’s will run and win 8
    years each including his little one Baron Trump. Everyone is sick of
    politicians but replacing a politician with Dictator will be catastrophic.

  16. Imad Abbadi says:

    the sound mastering has been horrible lately: Seth’s voice is lower than
    the jingle at the end.

  17. John A. Entwistle says:

    He was invited to that charity event… do your research.

  18. Nate (HydroStaticSkeletor) says:

    I feel like is Trump can’t shatter the delusion of ‘Just World Theory’ that
    keeps people thinking all rich and successful people are good, smart,
    deserving people because only good people are rewarded in life than
    literally nothing and no one fucking could, can or will ever destroy that
    harmful worldview in this country.

  19. MRP 122 says:

    Seth is the biggest biased liberal hypercritical cocksucker.. trumps tax
    avoidance was legal… so no point in trying to seem as if he’s a criminal
    unlike Hillary Satan who deleted subpoenaed information so stfu Seth..
    Business ppl go bankrupt all the time, who cares, he’s putting his own
    money toward his campaign and is still 100 times more wealthy than U Seth
    so who cares about his bankruptcy.. why don’t u make fun of Hillary’s
    corrupt foundations and charity’s like when 9billion dollars in Earth quake
    relief funds were distributed not for Haiti quake relief but to her fucking
    campaign, to The Clinton foundation, and allies of the Clinton foundation

  20. Brad Standlee says:

    sorros lil propaganda boy