The Presidential Debate: Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump (Full Debate) | NBC News

The Presidential Debate: Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump (Full Debate) | NBC News

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The Presidential Debate: Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump (Full Debate) | NBC News

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20 Responses

  1. Candy Ray says:

    you know I don’t like either one of these assholes but if I had to pick it
    guess I’ll go with Hilary

  2. Steven L. Coard says:

    How could anyone ever vote for him? He’s hitler2.0

  3. Johnny Stavrou says:

    Trump is emotional, aggressive, and completely immature. Hillary maintained
    a clam composure, didn’t interrupt Donald, and actually spoke about
    important issues and had legit rationale behind it. Donald doesn’t know
    what he’s doing and this country is going to hell if Donald is elected.

  4. aeilea says:

    Trump is so full of BS. He can’t even speak clearly and keeps repeating
    himself without even making any point.

  5. Natashia Blach says:

    OMG- he’s just so hard to look at:-[

  6. Clay.Dough says:

    Let’s be honest this woman is dangerous, she wants to sell our country out.
    She talks about health care and so many sorts of stuff but have never
    heavily criticized the current health care under president Obama
    administration. Really? Oh wow politics at it’s best. Let me just say ‘ i
    had a dream’ and in that dream their was breaking news that in Hilary
    Rotten Clinton emailed the Russians classified information on where our
    nuclear missiles and stock piles are located. Also how she received payment
    for such a crime? Well her corrupted charity foundation can disclose on
    that international large sum of money from Vladimir Putin. LOL

  7. Green Raver Music says:

    the first time the audience got behind trump, the host got after them. I
    personally counted four times, at least, when the people cheered after one
    of Clinton’s answers and the host said nothing. 2. hillary was first to
    attack. 3. I believe, i know, hillary got more time to answer the questions
    then trump. 4. trump gave more specific answers of his overall plan then
    just saying go to my book or go to my website address. 5. talking about
    releases documents at least Trump’s issue doesn’t cost human lives, release
    the emails so that trump can release his income tax report, talking about
    cyber security . 6. trump was more “respectful”, lack of a better term,
    than hillary about females because he could easily have called her out
    about how she really feels for the the women who fell for “bill”. NO MATTER

  8. Marc Vincent Manaois says:

    honestly, Trump sounded like a 5 year old kid. When something is thrown at
    him he immediately points fingers. The way he interrupts Hilary is very
    unprofessional. And about his tax reports and he replied “that makes me
    smart” my eyes almost fell. Taxes are our responsibility. You dont get to
    play smart so you can evade them. And when he said i will go against my
    lawyers and show my taxes after Hilary shows the 33,000 emails, I laughed
    when Lester said “so its conditional?”

  9. jay canady says:

    trump was speaking from the heart and hillary was speaking from a script
    prepared…thats the difference

  10. Anime Boy says:

    Vote for Hillary! Our country needs a little rock’n’roll! <3

  11. Ca C says:

    What does she mean women finally get paid their fair share?
    Hasn’t equal pay act been in place in USA since 1963?

  12. Lamborghinikid23 says:

    Both of them are trash, but my god Donald is the biggest dumb ass I’ve ever
    seen. He can’t even respect the moderator and people think he can sit
    infront of other countries leaders and not rub them the wrong way. All he
    did was stroke his own ego and a lot of the time speak on irrelevant topics
    not pertinent to the question! and again the mud slinging on Obama is old

  13. IEWestSide says:

    how the hell trump made it this far? he has no political experience. he is
    a racist bully. hillary has political experience as a former 1st lady,
    senator and Secretary of state.

  14. Anime Boy says:

    Hillary win the debate

  15. Jane Smith says:

    If American people ever needed a 3rd party, it would be right now…

  16. the Grandmaster says:

    If Hillary wins, be prepared for war with Russia.

  17. ADucksOpinion says:

    everyone say it together… president Trump..

  18. PracticallyGood says:

    My god this is awful they both are awful candidates I wish my man Gary was
    in this debate he would’ve wrecked both of them

  19. Kris A says:

    Don’t bother looking at the comments, it’s just countless Hillary shills.

  20. Ol Dirty Bastard says:

    How did both these idiots surpass Bernie