The Price Is Right – April Fools!!!

The Price Is Right – April Fools!!!

You won’t want to miss this clip, starring the one and only…..!!!

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20 Responses

  1. Jove Joved says:

    I have a feeling this was arranged to ensure his comeback moment had a
    winning contestant.

  2. tylersmyler says:

    I miss his old microphone :(

  3. Joshua Wonser says:

    450 upvotes, 1 downvote. Dammit Happy!

  4. cottagechskitty says:

    Bob is still Bob

  5. Garrett Oliver says:

    Anyone noticed they messed up the order of bidding towards the end??

  6. tbone24100 says:

    This part gave me CHILLS!!!!!! One of the best openings of all-time!!!

  7. areygers says:

    Where the hell is the Sony ECM 51 mic? IMPOSTOR!

  8. matt k says:

    How horrible would have been if right after Bob says, “THE CAR IS YOURS!!”,
    he followed it up with, “GOTCHA! APRIL FOOLS!”, and the car just drives

  9. Honorarius says:

    Holy fuck does Bob look old…

  10. Jordy Sirkin says:

    That guy at :34 is too excited

  11. JoeShmoe65x2 says:

    Love that man!

  12. richardhalo says:

    That crowd reminds me of the Idiocracy documentary. So sad.

  13. Tunisia Tucker says:

    BOB is back!

  14. Zen Locust says:

    Bob Barker is great. 91

  15. James Demastus says:

    what smartphone costs $2320?

  16. YouShotMyRobot says:

    Even just hearing his voice again was wonderful!

  17. vgfiasco says:

    What phone costs $2,320?

  18. clinke2007 says:


  19. Erik de Montesquiou says:

    Wow i am crying right now with such good feels this gives me. Takes me back
    to when I was sick from school and watched the show. 

  20. Michael Powell says:

    Jesus, what a fucking pro.