The Price Is Right Celebrity Edition – SNL

The Price Is Right Celebrity Edition – SNL

Lil Wayne (Chris Redd), Tilda Swinton (Kate McKinnon), Chris Hemsworth (Alex Moffat) and Senator Bernie Sanders (Larry David) compete alongside audience members (Kenan Thompson, Leslie Jones, Miley Cyrus, Pete Davidson) on The Price Is Right.


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20 Responses

  1. Nick G. says:

    Melissa nailed that Ariana impression 👏😂

  2. Reina Weinstock says:

    Getting That Poppy vibes from Arianna lmao

  3. Emaan Ansari says:

    I screamed at 4:10

  4. Jake says:

    When you remember Pete dates Larry’s daughter…

  5. i scream says:

    miley and liam is THAT couple

  6. Aaron Ibañez says:

    SNL is STILL heavily up Hillary’s ass, even AFTER the revelations about her RIGGING the election and her ILLEGITIMATE candidacy

  7. air port says:

    Larry David as Bernie Sanders can’t be topped as usual. That was an unconvincing Drew Carey, though.

  8. Demi Christina says:

    Pete Davidson is dating Larry David’s daughter!!!! I love thissss

  9. Steven Johnston says:

    Bernie: I will tell you what I think Drew Everyone including Derrick: Already a bad start lol

  10. Bear Arms says:

    Wow, SNL sure loves to throw Republican and DNC establishment lies at Bernie.

  11. Myk McGrane says:

    “….Your sphincter starts paying out like a slot machine.”

  12. pulseimages says:

    Tony Bennett was the only saving grace of this horrible skit.

  13. blackwaterthreat says:

    It’s okay to be white.

  14. Snuggle says:

    6:01 He should have sang, “Dulcolax will blow out yo ass.”

  15. LIYAN says:

    I did song plz give me a little support

  16. MrCC3D says:

    Larry David and Alec Baldwin couldn’t even save this shit show. Leslie “Harambe” Jones and Pete Davidson are terrible.

  17. Kigen Ekeson says:

    A new classic skit.  Great work!

  18. MooCipher Jones says:

    This might be a joke but it’s kind of straight on in a way

  19. Austin Vawter says:

    I love how Larry David and Bernie Sanders are actually related.

  20. forgiven 11 says:

    larry david is an annoying old geezer, wish they get rid of his ugly ass from snl.

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