The Price is Right – New Plinko Record (May 25, 2017)

The Price is Right – New Plinko Record (May 25, 2017)

Lunatic loses his mind and sets a new record for winnings playing Plinko.

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20 Responses

  1. David Eckler says:

    I can’t believe he didn’t spin a dollar.

  2. realeques says:

    this looks like straight out of an adam sandler movie…can’t believe people like this actually exist.

  3. Rick Parayko says:

    I’d be a lunatic too if I won $31k in 3 minutes…

  4. Golden2Talon says:

    he almost died from that dopamin rush

  5. Bessie Yeh says:

    This is the best

  6. Chris D. says:

    This feels so fake…

  7. Mike Dexbach says:

    I wish I was this excited about anything.

  8. Splendid Zebra says:


  9. kballard27 says:

    The old record was 22’000.00

  10. Fossil98 says:

    This guy was channelling Gus Johnson.
    Or maybe its the other way round.

  11. Melissa Rodriguez says:

    I aspire to be Ryan

  12. achilleze says:

    this looks kind of fake – is he an actor?

  13. Nathan Milaszewski says:

    home boy does a victory lap after getting called up, chants his own name, when I grow up I want to be him

  14. A.G. says:

    after taxes her probably takes around 20k, still a lot of money

  15. jasobres says:

    I know that contestants on #TPIR are _supposed_ to be energetic, but this guy took it up to eleven!

  16. CanadaCraig says:

    Lunatic? He’s just enthusiastic. And ALIVE! Good for him.

  17. Andrew says:

    “Now, here’s a plinko-chip worth up to 10,000 dollars”
    —“Only ten of these in existence!”
    “Yeah… there’s one of them right there”
    —“OH MY GOD!”

  18. David Longmeijer says:

    1. It’s Sad that we live In a Society were people are Claiming its “Fake” or He’s “Overreacting”. Are we that Cynical and numb as a Human Race that we cant simply Congratulate the guy? Wow. LOTS of Debbie Downer’s In here…the last thing the world needs.

    2. I have won 40K at a Casino before. It does happen. And my Favorite line from haters is “Oh you probably only got 30 Thousand after Taxes”……Seriously. I spent $30 that day. Won a Progressive Jackpot…I think I’m the one Winning here.

  19. Bass pro shops says:

    this guy has so much energy, now i feel just as excited watching

  20. Adalberto Pedregon says:

    Rachel lowkey was scared deep inside

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