The Price Is Right – Three’s A Crowd

The Price Is Right – Three’s A Crowd

Three wheel winners!

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THE PRICE IS RIGHT: Television’s longest-running game show, featuring host Drew Carey, where audience members try to win cash and prizes.

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19 Responses

  1. MrGOOMBAGUY says:

    This is amazing. Never seen this happen.

  2. moyhernandez says:


  3. Katie Patton says:

    They pump that place full of laughing gas! hahaha

  4. cWeeks1992 says:

    Wtf Dan Bilzerian is in the audience LMAO 0:20

  5. Flamecalvin says:

    I want to say that is probably the 3rd time in Price is Right history that
    it has happened!

  6. Jezery D. says:

    So happy for the folks in this show. Always a complete pleasure when
    someone wins, puts a smile on our faces.

  7. Darren Gutierrez says:

    they didnt just spin a dollar. they rolled a twenty

  8. Albert Einstein says:

    The price is wrong bitch.

  9. B. Smith says:

    Catherine is wasted.

  10. Suffolk says:

    So rigged

  11. LovinMe SumTits-N-Ass says:

    I’m ready for the wheel to go rolling off the stage and into the crowd that
    would be funny

  12. C. Dawg Knight says:


  13. Olympic Gem says:

    I don’t get it

  14. jjm31usa says:

    Drew sucks at creating any kind of drama for the moment.

  15. Trevor Johnson says:

    views “randomly” go up with this “random” event

  16. MonGoesRawr says:

    I lost my shit when I saw this yesterday

  17. The Proud Sun Bro. says:

    Grand kids: “Xavier, Logan” x men obsessed family?!

  18. Jonathan Gentry (Gamer9d4) says:

    Price is right history right here ladies and gentlemen

  19. Jason FS says:

    this show still exists?