the problem is you | Niki & Gabi Take Bahamas EP 3

the problem is you | Niki & Gabi Take Bahamas EP 3

​What’s the problem?? It’s beach day for the group as they shred waves and try to stay away from the drama. But what starts as a fun day in the sun quickly takes a takes a turn as Gabi leaves Niki in tears. 😭
he wont pay attention to me | Niki & Gabi Take Bahamas EP 2 –

Welcome to island life where anything goes! Niki and Gabi are escaping the suburbs for a vacation to the Bahamas with a few of their best friends. Will it be all fun in the sun or will relationships be put to the test?

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→ Talent Credits ←
Niki & Gabi Main Channel:

Nate West Instagram: @thenatewest

Collin Vogt Instagram: @collinvogt

Alex DeMartino: @Alessandra.demartino

Alex Byrd: @Alexbyrdd

Dennis Wot: @wot.dennis

Jesse Marie: @JesseMarieX

Kyle Werner: @KyleWerner93

Rachel Weiss: @Rachelleighweiss

→ Crew Credits ←
Creator & Supervising Producer: Katherine Martinez @KatherineLauren
Director: Vitaly Kibenko @Ownthelight @ownthelightentertainment
Executive Producer: Niki DeMartino @Niki
Executive Producer: Gabi DeMartino @Gabi
Executive Producer: Ian Midura
Post Production Supervisor: Dima Kovalchuk
Producer: Taylor Henriquez @TaylorHenriquez
Line Producer: Brett Hodgson
Production Manager: Lauren C Brooks
Production Coordinator: Tina Poston


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65 Responses

  1. eli van says:

    “Boyfriends are there to add to your life they’re not your life ” yes period

  2. V A L says:

    “Boyfriends are there to add to your life, not be your life.”

    – Gabi the freaking queen

  3. Raghis Maman says:

    “Gabi season 1: that’s our caMeRa GuY”
    “Gabi season 5: we set up a little picnic with strawberries and wine for you guys. Lets spice it up for you guys.”
    That’s so cute.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    “Do you realise people change and get naked” so then who’s editing the footage 🤔

  5. Star Wars fan 4ever says:


    Gabi: and that is how the newspaper was invented

  6. Fifi ly says:

    Niki: Nate HATES messes!

    Also Niki:

    *HAD the messiest closet on earth*

  7. Teodora Cicic says:

    Y’all Rcahel is tryna be all quirky and like “idgaf” but she just looks like a child

  8. YourBaeJayy says:

    It’s obvious Niki wants a relationship like Gabi’s

    • ethereal angel says:

      Can you all stop putting these sisters against each other?

    • Jesus Son of God says:

      I know, she should be grateful that Nate cares about her so much

    • Melissag04 says:

      Yup she’s just too scared to admit it. But she does want more attention

    • Laura Elizabeth says:

      I don’t think it’s exactly like that. She just compares everything about her life obsessively with Gabi because they’re twins (I’m not saying she should, but she does.) Honestly, I don’t think she would think this hard about it if Gabi was just her friend.

    • mia dean says:

      ok but who doesn’t lol

  9. AwesomenessTV says:

    Ok I think I need some Gabi advice in my life… do you agree with what Gabi said? What do you think of Niki’s situation?!!

  10. Balsam Mohammed says:

    Okay when gabi said she doesn’t remember all that dramatic advice I just couldn’t 😂😂😂

  11. lizziebeth says:

    I’ve always liked and respected Gabi but man this episode has me worshipping her 🥺

  12. Mindy ! says:

    Dennis: These white girls are tryna burn. They think they’re gonna tan. 😂🤣

  13. Holly Bennett says:

    Who else wants Gabi and Collin to get married, they would be the perfect married couple ever <3

  14. gee sabrina says:

    “Look at her arching her back, I can’t stand her” Dennis literally says what everyone is thinking!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  15. Brooklyn Nguyen says:

    Who else knows damn well that when gabi’s gonna get married her wedding dress is gonna be bomb.

  16. Y Marie says:

    “Boyfriends are not your life, they add to your life” Gaby speaking the truth

  17. Emily Anderson says:

    why is no one talking about how funny dennis and alex? they are literally so awesome and they have a great friendship

  18. MarialiSinging says:

    Can we talk about how good Gabi’s advice was? “Boyfriends add to your life, they’re not your life” wow!

  19. Jessica es says:

    Dennis really said “ these white girls tryna burn they think they’re gonna tan” 😂

  20. Sock Monkey says:

    Am I the only one who noticed every single season niki and Nate are “not connecting” or something like damn

    • Lucy Armer says:

      Sock Monkey for fucking real. it’s like they’re never connecting and each season is a chance to “re connect” or in my opinion force something that’s obviously not there

    • Yosy Herr says:

      Because it’s all scripted drama

    • UNICORN REDDEN says:

      Omfg yes!!!! There relationship is pretty toxic, Niki should leave him she deserves way tooo much better then Nate.

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