The Problem with Cheetahs

The Problem with Cheetahs

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Serval VS Cheetah:
Crocodile Ambushes Cheetah: (Credit to Busani Mtshali)
Cheetahs VS Wild Dogs:
Cheetahs Hunt Ostrich:

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75 Responses

  1. Travis Sulewski says:

    He doesn’t post much but when he does, it’s always a banger

  2. Seigi VA says:

    Getting in early with the Teir Zoo content

  3. Haminations says:

    I love the combo breaker at 2:50

  4. Cheng Teoh says:

    @1:27 … did that predator learn it’s stealth strike from Batman?

    • Mpilo Z says:

      Absolutely 🤣🤣🤣

    • NoneOfYour Beeswax says:

      That was so unreal I had to rewind and watch it again in slow speed. I was trying to see where on the the tree the leopard was hiding and was shocked to see that it was so high up the tree that it’s actually out of frame when it starts its leap. That’s an insane height for even a leopard to jump straight down, and I rather suspect that landing on the prey was essential in ensuring it’s fall was broken rather than its back!

    • SkywardBlaze says:

      @NoneOfYour Beeswax Well some cat builds spec into great paw landing instincts making an experienced cat player able to even survive a fall from a 20 floor high building

    • QuesoGr7 says:

      @Runny Tinkles
      That inverted takedown lol

    • Jacob Roberson says:

      No, it learned from sephiroth

  5. RedWolfCorp Revamped says:

    Even with all of their problems, Cheetahs are extremely fun to play. Their sheer speed, and multifaceted high risk/high reward gameplay make for an exceptional experience. It’s just a shame that their drawbacks keep them out of higher competition. So even if your character sucks ass, don’t let that prevent you from having fun!

    • Bk Jeong says:

      Cheetahs really don’t have major issues defending a kill from the competition, simply because they’ve largely (though not entirely) eliminated the need to defend a kill in the first place-they just play around the issue as mentioned in the video (and lose only around 10% of their kills as a result, which is actually less than the competition).

      The high noob death rate really sucks, though, and keeps them out of high-tier. I’d consider them mid-tiers in that they have a lot of things going for them but also have a serious disadvantage.

    • Cameron Grow says:

      Words to play by

  6. JAGzilla8954 says:

    “…when the lion player base is offline.”

    I love this channel.

  7. DiaKorrus 18 says:

    Cats: strong, powerful, independent

    Cheetahs: fast, suffer from anxiety, always bullied

    • •d b• says:

      @Jou T3 did you have a stroke while writing that comment?

    • Jou T3 says:

      @•d b•
      Why you so butthurt to say I have stroke?😂. Im just saying that cat aint so strong. In savannah cats would be easiest prey in the server, when bready small and slow, so lion can catch cat easiest of the preys lion got. So I dont think cats aint so powerful or strong and they need their partner to make kids, so aint so independent either. Cats would succes in the savannah server worst of all animals in the savannah server, so Its no wonder cats dont live in savannah server.

    • unadulterated waffle says:

      @Jou T3 when you realise by cats he meant every other big cats which lions tigers etc are so your whole arguement is invalid and a waste of time😶

    • Jou T3 says:

      @unadulterated waffle
      No there are a lot of cat species, so I could not know which cat species he meaned, so I thought he meaned regular cats, when said up there cats. Into lions or tigers he could say strong, powerful and independent, but cats are small creatures, that are not even so strong.

    • Just a Like Button says:

      @Stefan Stepanovic unless you running somewhere full of light with no darkness

  8. El Inextricable says:

    Ok but cheetas still have a card up their sleeves: they are slowly gaining ground in the human support meta

    • Mlg Fails says:

      @El Inextricable They still provide emotional support for you then and personally my cat has gotten into fights with other cats over our house they ten to fuck our shit up and he’s almost killed two different cats on separate occasions according to the person who was walking him at the time. He’s also really good with teamwork when it comes to hunting something or keeping the house pest-free usually

    • Arlo Pullman says:

      @Thomas Jetzer tf do you think housecats are parasites? They’re extremely social animals.

    • Karen Gudino says:

      @S1deshowRob Eh, not really. Cats are responsible of killing the majority of the native bird populations, and are considered plagues in many countries.

      Their harm in the ecosystem is so big that even Australia is planning on purge as many feral cats as they can bc they are driving endemic species to extinction.

      As much as I love cats, pet owners need to be responsible and keep their cats/dogs/whatever inside their homes. After all, they’re invasive species… Really cute species, but invasive nonetheless.

    • Hanna Donno says:

      @Arlo Pullman It was said in a video about what is humans best support class. Cat players as well as dog players give their humans buff against depression and anxiety. But cat mains are not a support class at all. They gained their status as such thanks to a bacteria that makes human mains feel calm around them (as well as their pray). Thanks to this bacteria cats prey doesn’t feel the danger they are in.

    • Keith Fields says:

      @Thomas Jetzer well said

  9. Dash the Cute Cat says:

    Lions aren’t “offline” they’re just afk

  10. alvin Ip says:

    I mean the first clip is kinda unfair almost everything would’ve been destroyed by that crocodile

    • Bk Jeong says:

      @TierZoo Seems to be the case, the one that got killed was an adolescent (though approaching adult size): the mother knew what was going on and got the hell out of there.

    • ChIkEn NuGrEt says:

      @Bk Jeong I believe Salty players have been documented killing shark players (I think Great Whites, or Bulls but I’m not quite sure, I need to look it up).

    • Craig Wray says:

      First clip if i am true is from Kruger national park a really gruesome kill snatched pulled to the middle then drowned/deathroll

    • Bk Jeong says:

      @ChIkEn NuGrEt Bulls, but bull sharks are smaller than salties and it’s the babies and juveniles that get eaten.

    • D. Oliver Gutiérrez says:

      at least they can distinguish what they are attacking unlike you mr friendly fire.

  11. Anthony Fubared says:

    This show has always reminded me of watch “the most extreme” on animal planet when I was a kid. I think that’s why I love it so much, it goes so far beyond the gaming lingo. Wished he could do a new video every week.

  12. swapertxking says:

    they also suffer anxiety like us humans, and zoos will give them dogs as companions… man and cheetah’s best friends.

    • Christina T. says:

      We don’t appreciate dogs enough for just how well-attuned they are to the human world, far and above any other domesticated animal. For cheetahs they act as ‘interpreters’ of sorts: they know what humans are doing and when the cheetah sees that they’re okay with what the humans are doing, then they can relax too.

  13. Hi im Ryan says:

    Cheetah: *chases prey*
    Prey: *looks back*
    Cheetah: *running away* frik u and see u tomarrow

  14. Skaslan says:

    TZ: The original cat tierlist video *a few years back*
    Me: It’s been that long huh. Feels like last year or something

  15. Drakmaa aaa says:

    “I expect them to disappear” Holy shit you’re really calling out the cheetah community. I’m sure the cheetah subreddit will be on fire atm

  16. Argonwolfproject says:

    The problem with cheetahs is that they’re a mid-tier build in a diamond-elite-tier server. They’d most likely see more success in less-competitive regions where their abilities could shine without having to bend to the meta at every turn. That’s not to say they’d ever be a top-tier, but they definitely seem to be a victim of poor matchmaking algorithms.

    • Mariano Hastur says:

      I dont know of they could survive in another server.

    • Bolby Ballinger says:

      @Beard of Knowledge The game’s largest grassland is actually located in Eurasia.
      Cheetah mains do have a small playerbase in Asia itself so if they were to take some cold resistance traits and move up north they could enjoy a measure of success. Especially if the human mains complete their side quest of stabilizing Saiga populations.

    • Pengu says:

      @Bolby Ballinger Also a colder climate would help them with the overheat debuff after hunting

    • MJ Fan says:

      Well it’s hard finding a good area to play in since humans dominate about 95% of all areas nowadays. The savanna is probably the least human dominated area that cheetahs can actually play in.

    • Luis Debnath says:

      Cheetahs on Australia would be top tier, second only to crocodiles

  17. RasenShot says:

    Alternate Title: “Cheetah player base getting bodied for 5 minutes straight”

    Seriously though, it’s a tad sad cheetahs get the predator short end of the stick in their habitat 🙁

  18. Storms and Saugeye says:

    “Call an ambulance~!”
    “But not for me!” is my favorite meme nod in this video.

  19. Jake Bak says:

    Tiger: I have amazing stealth
    Lion: I’m the most feared big cat
    Cheetah: I paid for the whole speedometer, I’m gonna use the whole speedometer

  20. PlagueOfGripes says:

    Cheetahs are cute and friendly. Humans wish to protect them, which has to bring up their value a little.

    • Jonadab the Unsightly One says:

      @AG kingz Possibly, if they ever tried to play on the same server. Wolves are very good at team strats. Cheetahs can do team strats, but for wolves it’s the go-to option. (Wolves are so good at team strats, they occasionally challenge *brown bears* successfully. Though if the bears start using team strats also, then the wolves generally have to give up and leave.) And wolves are not especially known for being tanky, but compared to the Cheetah, they kind of are. Though wolves are also opportunists, so what I can definitely see them doing, if they ever played on the same server, is stealing kills from cheetahs. And I suspect they’d be better at it than hyenas, though it’s hard to be sure of that without testing it, as the servers they play on are so different. Actually, how wolves and hyenas would fare against each other might depend on what server they face each other on. The hyenas might win in Africa, and the wolves might win in North America, Europe, and Siberia. Hard to say for sure.

    • Barry Garza says:

      @cinnamon gladiator Well, the fact that we can recognize that sometimes captivity can end up hurting builds means the human class can still take steps to domesticate them without it going so far. The Russian faction proved you could do it with foxes, although it ended up looking like distinct species (if not considered one outright). I feel like Cheetahs are not thriving as they should in the wild due to a variety of factors and I think that while preserving some wild population is important, domesticating a population could be a way to preserve some legacy.

    • Gabu says:

      Some may look down on cheetah players for this, but there’s no shame in being carried through the game by high level human players.

    • Miguel Jaramillo says:

      @Barry Garza I’ve been hearing a lot of “domesticate the cheetahs “ but there’s kinda of a big glaring issue with that which is “we already have domestic cats” and honestly seeing what we did with dogs by creating pugs which are cute but a mistake considering all the health issues they have. So the best option in my opinion is try to preserve their wild population but if they do become extinct then it’s sad but they just couldn’t live in this ever changing world which is sad again but it happens

    • mike johnston Bob says:

      @D E A D M E E M their non-retractable claws really fail them in that subclass

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