The Problem with the New DreamWorks Logo

The Problem with the New DreamWorks Logo

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Schaff got a whole video out of a logo somehow!
(Also, this video was basically finished over 3 weeks ago, if anyone’s worried about me trying to return to work too fast. Your concern is appreciated tho)

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45 Responses

  1. Schaffrillas Productions says:

    Boost your productivity with the help of Grammarly and its tone suggestions! Sign up for an account and get 20% off Grammarly Premium:

  2. Sally Trip says:

    To clarify for everyone, there are some videos that were already prepared, the editors are mostly in charge of uploading the videos right now hence why we are seeing these. I’d say they are releasing it earlier than intended so the sponsership warranty doesnt expire, but either way mad respect. I’m glad to see him actively fighting and pushing through. Wishing you the best James.
    Edit: Thanks for the support guys, but what matters is Schafrillas. Make sure to support him in any way you can

  3. Natalie says:

    I never realized how many dreamworks films had unique or especially beautiful logos until you showed them all together. Thanks James for giving them a spotlight and helping those of us who skip credits appreciate them more! Hope they still do creative things with the new one!

  4. Emma Jones says:

    I love the old DreamWorks logo for its simplicity, and for how appropriate such a fantasy-esque night sky image is for a studio with the word “dream” in its name. It’s as if they’re saying “yeah, we know we can be cash-grabbing losers sometimes, but in the end, it’s all about making dreams a reality.” And I fall for it every darn time. I don’t know if I’ll warm up to the much more mainstream feel of the new one, and you make a good case for tailoring the intro to each movie. But we’ll see.

    It’s good to hear your voice, James.

  5. Calvin Metz says:

    I’m sure this was just put out by editors, but it’s still nice to see that James is intending on continuing his channel. Love you, James!

  6. Lokomotion says:

    Schaff, you are truly strong to even make this video after what happened. We can’t pretend to understand your situation, but know that we will be here to support you. Remember not to bottle up your problems, as talking about them helps.
    This goes to everyone who may read this.

  7. Jonathan Mossner says:

    One of my favorite opening logos was actually the first How to Train Your Dragon where in brief moments a night fury flies through the sky and blocks out the stars for a split second. It’s nothing too flashy but it really works in my opinion.

  8. Hyhyd says:

    It means a lot to me and everyone else to know that you’re still trying your best to entertain us even after what happened. A vast majority of us care about your well-being and we all wish that you have a swift recovery.

  9. Not Kangaroo Monkey says:

    You actually changed my mind on this subject. I was originally all for the new logo (at least in theory, in execution it’s kinda eh) because having a consistent logo tied the films together better, but despite it being pretty obvious I never really thought about how stylising the logo around the film gave the films a little bit more personality as well as giving the audience a feel for the movie before the first scene had even started.

    • Not Kangaroo Monkey says:

      @VitalVampyr it matters to me, because when I see a more standard Dreamworks it evokes a cozy nostalgic feeling as it reminds me of the Dreamworks films I’ve loved since childhood.
      Although this logo fails at that because I have no emotional attachment to Trolls of Boss Baby.

    • VitalVampyr says:

      There’s no reason for Dreamworks to “tie the films together better” though. Puss in Boots doesn’t have anything to do with How to Train Your Dragon or Kung Fu Panda. It’s not like the Marvel Studios logo where all the films they show clips of are in fact part of the same story, along with the movie that plays after the logo.

    • Natalie says:

      There’s something special about a logo that says “Hey, here’s a hint of the story you’re about to see” rather than “Hey, we’re the guys who made this other stuff, here’s another thing we made!”

  10. DuskyLore says:

    I completely forgot how fitting and beautiful Jack Frost’s version of the Dreamworks logo was. Definitely one of my favorites. Also yes, Puss in Boots and The Bad Guys has me looking very favorably in Dreamworks’ direction again. Here’s to their continued brilliance going forward.

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