The Problem with YouTube Rewind!

The Problem with YouTube Rewind!

A look into YouTube Rewind from someone who was in it. Is this what you wanted?

YouTube Rewind 2011:
YouTube Rewind 2012:
YouTube Rewind 2013:
YouTube Rewind 2014:
YouTube Rewind 2015:
YouTube Rewind 2016:
YouTube Rewind 2017:
YouTube Rewind 2018:

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67 Responses

  1. Param Patil says:

    YouTube has confirmed this video as *TOXIC* so you will not be in rewind next year

  2. Abdulaziz Alkiyumi says:

    This guy should start a podcast.

  3. metalgearfan tr says:

    Only problem is it exists

  4. Stupid Zebra says:

    2018 rewind was *horrible*
    Complete *Trash*

  5. Watchme Struggle says:

    Director : “What would you want for rewind 2018?”
    Will Smith: “Mark ass brownie”

  6. Loulou says:

    2013, 2014 and 2015 rewinds were genuinely liked and it was pretty exciting to see them out. Lots of creators and cuts but you could still see everyone clearly (not like in 2017 rewind when someone’s nose can be seen for millisecond). Here they had 100 creators from which I could name maybe 10, too much talking, too much shots of same people, too much pointless frames.
    TV show-hosts were also in previous rewinds but not shoved in your face.

    Previous rewinds were not too international either and that should stay way.

    Also baffles me how concerned they were about social issues, mental health etc. while videos talking about suicide and depression were under fire from YouTube. Weren’t they also after Drag Queens for some time this year?

    • Bryn McDougald says:

      Huthaifa Thamir no you’re self centered

    • MegaHOP says:

      International stuff is fine. They can’t make an individual rewind for each country, and the international concept itself doesn’t affect the Rewind.
      I agree with that last part, though. YouTube is such a hypocritical website.

    • Jeremy Tewari says:

      The biggest problem with the international parts is that in trying to appeal to everyone they end up appealing to no one. YouTube rewind could contain pretty much all English speaking Youtubers with maybe one or two non-English speakers and English speakers can enjoy the whole thing OR they can throw in several non-English speakers that English speakers will definitely not recognize and “ruin” several parts of Rewind for English speakers, while also not making it particularly fun for non-English speakers because they still won’t know a majority of the Youtubers anyways. The only solution I could think of for this would be several different rewinds for several different languages but that would be incredibly expensive and it would feel like a form of segregation

    • TheMrFarmerJoe9 says:

      +Jeremy Tewari Uh, I think a non-English speaker just seeing a YouTuber from their own country in rewind, even briefly, would probably make them happier than not getting any representation at all. Also, how would having a few non-English speakers “ruin” the video for English speakers? Would they all have a heart attack cause they can’t read subtitles for two seconds?

    • Bheese Churger says:

      +Jeremy Tewari Segregation.

  7. Cookie Gamer says:

    Very inspiring thank you Mark ass brown lee

  8. The Parakeets says:

    Good Video Mark Ass Brown Lee

  9. NOOT NOOT Master says:

    The problem:


  10. Pran J says:

    After this video,I again went back to YouTube Rewind 2018, Just to make sure whether I’d already disliked it or not.

  11. ed and 69 others says:

    YouTube needs to quit their political BS too. I loved the 2012 one.

  12. Olle Persson says:

    Markass browney

  13. Clorox Bleach says:


  14. GeneralJoemalia says:

    Congratulations marques you won’t be invited for YouTube rewind 2019.

  15. Daniel Rodriguez says:

    Looks like someone’s not going to be in next years YouTube rewind

    • Zio Records says:

      Daniel Rodriguez welp, YouTube decided to let him on trending while criticizing them. I’d say they’re a good sport.

  16. Jaime Salazar says:

    Wouldn’t be surprised if he isn’t included in rewind 2019

  17. VCG Construction says:

    I appreciate your honesty Marques!

  18. Mathu says:

    Also, they are trying to include ethnic YouTubers (spanish, hindi, korean…) but right now, the majority of the youtube rewind audience is from english speaking countries and they don’t know those YouTubers.

  19. chef gusteau says:

    ¿is this the Markass Brownie that Will Smith spoke of?

  20. Apostolos Petkoglou says:

    Ayee it’s mark *ass* brownie.

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