The Professor Teaches James Harden a Signature Move ‘The Teleport’

The Professor Teaches James Harden a Signature Move ‘The Teleport’

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The Professor flys to Houston and links up with James Harden to teach him one of his signature moves called ‘The Teleport’. Before the move demo James, who’s 5 years younger than Professor, talks about how he grew up watching the And 1 Mixtape Tour (The tour Professor first began playing pro on). Harden also spoke about how he believes Streetball is real basketball and that it shouldn’t be put in a separate category away from basketball. After Professor shows Harden the teleport move he says that he needs that and many of Professor’s moves written down on an iPad so he can keep track of them.

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58 Responses

  1. Dat_kid _jay says:

    I bet the camera man looked real goofy holding the camera up above his head to film James Harden up close ??‍♂️?

  2. HaZard Jacko says:

    Dude If he use this in NBA games instead Of 40 he’s gonna be droppin 80

  3. Dat_kid _jay says:

    James Harden ain’t even worried about scoring after he does the move…all he concerned about is drawing the foul afterwards???

    • NoNo says:

      Dat_kid _jay facts. All he gotta do is learn how to do more convincing flops so that the whole nba community wouldn’t notice?. Somehow they hire blind refs

    • Is U Gud Bro says:

      NoNo he flops but it ain’t like a retarded ass one?‍♂️ he actually draws a real foul my guy

    • Devoid says:

      +Is U Gud Bro Harden is at the height of his hate rn, just like Lebron in Miami was, Kobe in 2005-2006, and KD in gsw. That means he is being great

    • Kobe Robertson says:

      +Devoid ? stop LeBron has hate that is deserved I can see the comparison with kobe but not kd that man did and said some bitchy things

  4. Hilton Duncan says:

    Anyone notice T-Jazz in the background.

  5. Luis Morales Baez says:

    Collaboration with Stephen curry? Would be fire your vids are awesome

  6. Bryan E. says:

    …you ever get to collaborate with the Harlem Globetrotters?

  7. Alex Schuman says:

    How you gonna post a vid with James Harden and not 1v1?

  8. Connor Hoytd says:

    James harden teaches the professor how to travel

  9. Manny King Money says:

    *Noooo stop it get some help James Harden doesn’t need to learn any more moves SMH ? why don’t you teach him that he can’t do a double step back GG*

  10. E M says:

    Favorite thing is you know damn well while their talking Harden like okay idgaf I think I’m good on how I hoop I don’t need you telling me “moves” lol

  11. 1069 subs with no video challenge says:

    You should’ve taught him how to play defense too.

  12. Meek Zilla says:

    Watch Harden actually do this move in a game lol

  13. Kriscamacho2016 C says:

    Notice Tristian jass and Marcelas Howard in the back lol at 3:54

  14. Chy G says:

    Sooo…how do I get a foul outta this ?

  15. Yahya Hassan says:

    Imagine james harden starts doing that move in games and it will work everytime

  16. ツConpact says:

    At 2:38 did you guys realize T jass in the background?!?! Like if you saw him

  17. RayaanAhmed901 says:

    my friends saw you at lifetime in houston

  18. Keaton Oldham says:

    Can’t wait to see him try it in a game eventually…hopefully…that’d be hard

  19. Shaquille O’Neal says:

    watch he’ll use it in the all star game

  20. Lamar KILLA says:

    Who thinks bone collecter should 1v1 Professer

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