Hi babygirls! Thank you so much for watching and your love and support! I LOVE YOU ❤️

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16 Responses

  1. LVE FAMILY says:

    CRYING ALL OVER AGAIN!!!!! So beautiful 🥲💖💖

  2. Fawn says:

    If this was just for the proposal I can’t even imagine how beautiful the wedding is going to be 🥺 CONGRATULATIONS on the engagement. 😍💍

  3. Maria Flores says:

    a shot for every time a alex said “everyones here” 😂 his nerves were through the roof!

    Congratulations to both of you 😭🤍 i wish you guys the best!

  4. Laura R says:

    Why am I sobbing 😭 les’ sweet little face while she was crying tears of joy was just so pure and wholesome ❤️❤️

  5. TexsLady Victoria says:

    At this very moment I can’t think of no two people more deserving of a lifetime of happiness than you two! You both are like family to my family and I. I am so happy for you both!!! I feel honored and utterly blessed to have this opportunity to go through this journey with you both. Thank you so much for allowing us all to join in on your celebration. May God bless you both always mija! Love from Victoria, Texas ♥️

  6. S Castillo says:

    This was the most sweetest engagement ever, Les’s reaction was so natural. She had no clue, Alex definitely out did himself, he did it all too perfect 🤗😍 Congratulations you guy’s, I’m beyond happy for yall both. Many blessings to a happy engagement 🙏

  7. Lezely Ann says:

    Not me crying like I got proposed 😂, such a memorable moment, so much love and emotion literally was so perfect I felt the love 💗 congratulations to you both, you deserve it queen🙏🏻 blessings ❤️🧿

  8. Lorraine Yvette says:

    Leslie usually says a million words a minute, the fact that she was so speechless is so cute. I love them I hope they have a happy blessed life together.

  9. Rocio Mendoza says:

    The fact that she’s lucky enough to experience this, many of us wish for these things! I couldn’t be happier this happened to Les because ever since I started following her I felt her sincerity and kindness right through the screen! Congrats Les & Alex, Dios los bendiga hoy y siempre 💕 keep setting an example for the younger generation!

  10. Veronica Garza says:

    Cassie “I feel like throwing up” lmao me & I don’t even know you personally but legit had a knot in my throat watching this lol. Such a beautiful proposal. 🥺❤️ Yae!! 💍 I teared up as soon as you turned the corner but the part that made me ball my eyes out was @ 5:14 😭😭

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