THE PROPOSAL | Felix & Marzia 💍

THE PROPOSAL | Felix & Marzia 💍

Hey marzipans, as you may have heard… we are engaged!
In this video Felix and I tell you about the day of the proposal.
Thank you so much once again for all the amazing messages you have been sending our way. ♡

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46 Responses

  1. Caroline says:

    I think this is perfect timing. Not too early or late. I think it’s perfect to not rush as it means the relationship is fine with or without “marriage” labels.

    • Jess Davis says:

      Caroline Totally agree

    • Warrior Of God Message says:

      Caroline yeah I mean I got a GF me and her got plans in Life before we get married. One for sure we going to live together soon. Besides that I’m very glad Pewds ask her hand in marriage. I’ve been waiting for years Since I was 10 or 11 now I’m 19 lol I’m glad they been Good long Relationship on long journey with Pewds and Marzia.

    • ookam96 says:

      7 years that is a long ass time

  2. Lina wolf says:

    7 YEARS I WAITED 7 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. HolayJose says:

    My uncle is proposing today and they have been dating for 20 years

  4. Caroline says:

    Convo about poo 💩 before Felix proposal is so fitting idky lol

  5. JoelyAnn Davis says:

    the proposal seems more honest and genuine since it wasn’t filmed and wasn’t some big production. It’s a special moment and it’s so sweet that two people who’s lives are broadcasted can have that special moment to themselves. Congrats!

  6. Casper Dogg says:

    *The most beautiful pair on YouTube*

  7. Moana Legends says:

    Congratulations… Wedding of the Decade!!!

  8. CH4MSSS says:

    62 million subs in the wedding lmao❤😂

  9. Eunice says:

    dammit, these ninjas and their love for cutting onions ;-;

    anyways, congrats!! ❤

  10. Shellie Ashton says:

    I actually screamed that you recreated “Your Name” picture you guuuuuys ❤️ congratulations, and now I’m crying at the montage of old videos, so happy for you both!

  11. Aimee Holden says:

    PewDiePie was doing some 👏🏼ring reviews👏🏼 online

  12. isidore ofseville says:

    Lmao before it was “When are you getting married” now it’s gonna be “when are you having kids”

    Out of the frying pan and into the fire huh Felix

  13. Abunai Akane says:

    When I saw the old clips of them together I had to take deep breaths to keep myself from crying with joy. I am so happy for you both!! Congrats!! ❤❤😁😁

  14. rahmat mousavi says:

    Never clicked on a video so fast

    • Warrior Of God Message says:

      rahmat mousavi I thought it was Clickbait for a second I thought Never thought they will be Engaged I’ve been Waiting for this moment for years

    • Afik Oz says:

      rahmat mousavi never seen a relateable comment.

  15. Aleli Ortega says:


  16. k moonchild says:

    So cute, I wish I can live such a pure love story oneday…💖

  17. J Smith says:

    I’m glad Felix proposed but I hope it doesn’t change yall’s relationship. I know how Felix has always enjoyed having his prostate fingered and massaged and I hope now he doesn’t think he has to be the “man” of the house and put a stop to that!

  18. jkid says:

    More exciting then Prince. Harry & Meghan Markle 😍😄💕

  19. Ambition says:

    I hope to find love like this one day

  20. Vasilikis Beauty Tips says:

    You guys are so sweet! My husband also proposed when we were in a trip to Paris and he was acting weird until he proposed ahahaha And Felix decided to propose at the end of the trip, that’s stressful! I wish you a lot of happiness xxx

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