THE PROPOSAL – Ryan & Haley

THE PROPOSAL – Ryan & Haley

we’re engaged!

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I couldn’t have pulled off this proposal without these amazing ppl:

Musician: @DakotaStriplin – “See You In Austin”
(Song coming soon to streaming platforms)

Video/Photo: @logenkershaw / @cheysmth

we love you guys!

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50 Responses

  1. The Traphamily says:

    this video means the world to us! keep up with our wedding planning on Instagram:
    @ryantrahan <3

  2. Jake King says:

    Imagine having someone that loves you that much that must be nice I never even hugged a girl other than my mom😂😥

  3. Elaina M says:

    “We have a life together, we have a house together, we have investments together, we have ahh…………….SPOCK” Oml I literally died 4:02

  4. Vio says:

    Ryan: “The way that I feel around you is the most whole I could possibly be”

    Haley in the back: 👁👄👁

  5. Madilyn Barnes says:

    Everyone who disliked is jealous of their relationship

  6. Veronica Forero Mican says:

    Petition for Spock to be the ring man at the wedding:

  7. Zoe Grace says:

    ryan: “we have a life together we have a house together we have….. sPoCk😂💀”

  8. ava elizabeth says:

    this makes me feel like the most single person i’ve ever met

  9. Cece Thorington says:

    “we have a life together, we have a house together, we have investments together and we have… a sPoCk.”

  10. Dillon H says:

    It’s enough to make a grown man cry. And that’s okay 😢

  11. Garage Band Music says:

    My proposal
    Me: clicks
    For Haley
    Me I’m just gonna skip this part

  12. mimiqtpie says:

    U guys r like engaged, yet I’m still single as a Pringle-am I that had ugly??!

  13. NewzTastics says:

    Just so everybody knows, I’m leaving this comment so that I can prove that I was here to see this epic moment in history 💖💖💖💖💖

    • Mr Haney says:

      Just so you know this is not an epic moment in history there are men who ask a woman for their hand in marriage all the time.

  14. Mickxy says:

    They may be young but they’re truly happy together. As long as they love each other

  15. Lila Bauer says:

    every couple during quarantine: *breaks up*
    ryan and haley: 💍

    • Kaley🦔 says:

      Lila Bauer yeah which honestly confuses me because there’s one part of the video that has a time stamp and it says 2020/01/03 so I’m confused also because of Coronavirus would they really have all those people go On a trip for this

    • That Guy no one likes says:

      Kaley🦔 it was filmed before corona

  16. Leïla Grace says:

    I didn’t think I would cry, but boy was I in tears…

  17. Layla Linnard says:

    We have a life together ♡
    We have a house together☆
    We have investments together ♡
    We have a sPoCk 🐕

  18. Ashwin Kelly says:

    Y’all gotta live stream the wedding or we boutta throw hands

  19. Bella Fox says:

    Didn’t realise I would be crying this early in the day

  20. Abby says:

    The clip of paragraphs after Ryan’s ‘speech’ brought me to tears

    Edit: I am at the proposal and I am now full on bawling

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