The Pros And Cons Of Getting Married – Original Song

The Pros And Cons Of Getting Married – Original Song

DISCLAIMER: We are a fake couple. However, we’re both in separate, actual couples and feel the very real pressure of popping the question. So to deal with it we wrote a song about all the thoughts and feels.

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Written by: Chad Neidt & Alison Tafel
Edited by: Chad Neidt

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Before we start this conversation I wanna say I love you
No matter what happens I love you too
But for 4 years we’ve been dating
And all our married friends are waiting
For us to cross over to the dark side

But we shouldn’t just get married cause we feel pressured to
We should do it to make our kitchen look brand new
This is a big decision and we both must follow through
Once I have a ring I can no longer cheat on you

The best way to find out if getting married is right or wrong
Is by making a list of pros and cons…

This one’s really shallow and might sound kinda sick
But I’d love to get hundreds of likes on my engagement pic.
Don’t worry about being shallow, my pro is also dumb
It’s that you have a better job and we’d have shared income
After years of bridesmaid dresses, our day would be a must
For friends to come together and make it about me (us)
We’d also get a tax break, then we could buy a home
But best all our parents would leave us the fuck alone (the fuck alone)
The fickety fuck alone
The fuck alone
No more calls from your mom/did you just say my mom?
I think I said my mom/I think you meant your mom
I guess I meant my mom/you mom…

Should we do it? It feels pretty right to me
Should we do it? It feels like we both agree
Let’s do it! We’ll fit into society
Should we do it? Let’s get married!
Should we do it? Get on one knee
Should we do it? Will you marry me?
Let’s do it! For the rest of our lives
Hanging all the time
Just me and you/just you and I
Or maybe three/that sounds kinky
I meant a baby/oh
What did you mean/Please don’t go there
It’s about compromise/I was making a joke…

Right now I think you’re perfect–none of your flaws show
But I’m afraid if we get married, you might let yourself go
Of course I’ll put on weight; you’re lucky you’re a male
Because the year before we wed my diet will be kale – that’s all!
Another thing that scares me is we’ll be way off course
And by the time we’re married all our friends could be divorced
It’s gonna be a lot of stress, we’ll have no money after
This eliminates my chances of getting on the Bachelor (But for me the bachelorette)

Should we do it? I wanna be on the bachelor
Should we do it? Seriously, I was joking before, but I’m considering the option now
You should do it! I always said you’d be good on that show.
We should do it! Let’s be on The Bachelor(ette)
Should we do it? But joking aside
Should we do it? Why is this so hard?
If We do it, what does that even mean?
Nothing – but also something

For the rest of our lives hanging all the time
Just me and you/just you and I
And I like your mom/ I like your mom too
Before we start this conversation I wanna say I love you
What are we gonna do?

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20 Responses

  1. TheCureThatKillz says:

    This really is stupid 

    • Chad Neidt says:

      +Caleb Likes Tacos Todd guys calm down. I’m stupid, he’s ugly – whats the
      diff? We’re all gonna die someday.

  2. Toonie Rock says:

    This funny haha

  3. Ted Regnerus says:

    Get married. :)

  4. SamuraiMo YouMaySayMo says:


  5. Aaron Rising says:

    I hope they get married and invite me, I’d definitely go no doubt about it!

  6. Jason Mazzarella says:

    Never mind, just read the notes. ?. Still love ya Chad!!!

  7. Lets all calm down good peope.l says:

    Absolutely perfectly executed AND EXCELLENT lyrics! Worthy of a Broadway &
    even Off Broadway musical. Comedic but also with a saucy bit of truth!
    Kudos to you & your team; well played, well played indeed. ????!!!!!

    • Chad Neidt says:

      +Lets all calm down good peope.l thanks! so glad you think it’s Broadway
      worthy : )

  8. Maximiliano Orellana says:

    This is gold! Amazing!

  9. Nancy Ebi says:

    I ship it.


    Amazing song!! And it’s so funny too!!! I really like it, do more!! :D

    • Chad Neidt says:

      +LOQUESEAVIDEOS thanks! We’ve talked about a sequel but about having a
      baby…we’ll see!

  11. VelvetRevolver says:

    I’ve been contemplating marriage in my head, I’m still young but I’m scared
    of doing it cause nowadays marriage is a scary thing
    (cheating,divorce,money,children stuck between) but this song made me
    realize married or not you spent time with a wonderful person that has
    shown you love like no other . You two are the cutest and it gives me hope
    for the pros and awareness on the cons . 

  12. Ericka Gilliland says:

    Cute video but I could do without the cursing :/ ruined it 

  13. MensKnowledge101 says:

    Stay Strong my Brothers, Stay MGTOW.

  14. Eric Alejos says:

    You should get married
    To live happily ?

  15. jeff4justice says:

    Aw. I’d like a boyfriend to make YouTube vids with.