The Puzzling Disappearance of Walter Collins

The Puzzling Disappearance of Walter Collins

What became of this missing boy?

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Female telephone switchboard operator connecting caller, close-up (B&W
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1920’s Girl
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Serious boy (12-13) posing, (B&W), close-up, portrait
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Portrait of Male Police Officer, Toned
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look into my empty eyes
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Silhouette of a prison/police warden
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Charged with 11 murders to which he has confessed and implic
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Sheriff Carl Rayburn (left), Gordon Stewart Northcott and De
New York Daily News Archive/Getty Images
Man & Wife
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USA Antique Map
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Vintage photograph of two boys standing
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Old family photo
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Grungy Newsprint
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I’m sorry.
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Inside Alcatraz Prison – Row of Bars and Cells
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Barn house
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map of usa
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Jaw X-Ray
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Policeman Signaling Stop
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Hollywood Premier
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Cowboy Actor Tom Mix
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Prison in America
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Interior of Prison Cell
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Mug Shot of Murderer Gordon Northcott
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Young man with clothes and cap in 20s style.
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People And Professions
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Empty room, concrete walls and floor
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American Suburban Houses
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Four undeveloped Polaroid photos
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Full Frame Shot Of Vintage Wallpaper With Floral Pattern
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Field with free range golden comet and black star hens on organic farm
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Field landscape of chicken coops on free range organic farm
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Family of farmers
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Los Angeles City Hall
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Chickens On Field Against Cloudy Sky
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Gas station on South Avalon Boulevard near East Slauson Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, 1928
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USA,California,daytime aerial view from airplane
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Badge Shape Set
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Chambre vide
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Head Silhouettes
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Map Of California Apple Acreage
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Antique Portrait of Young Girl
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Bloody Halloween theme: bloody hand holding a bloody butcher’s ax isolated on white background in studio
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Lime slaking with water.
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A beam of light streaming from a film projector.
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Dog Sits and Waits
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62 Responses

  1. Jacinta Schneider says:

    For the postmortem: sssoooo what happened to Arthur? did they send him back to his family, Did Walter’s mom just adopt him because she was a greiving mother? DID HE EVER MEET TOM MICKS??!?!?!?!!?!?!?!? P.S love you guys #shaniac #vivalahotdaga

    • Karenna Miller says:

      Arthur Hutchins, Jr., the faux Walter Collins, spent part of his adulthood selling concessions at carnivals. He eventually moved back to California as a horse trainer and jockey. He died of a blood clot in 1954, leaving behind a wife and young daughter, Carol. According to Carol Hutchins, “My dad was full of adventure. In my mind, he could do no wrong.” It seems that he never met Tom Mix.

    • Emily Benjamin says:


    • Tilly Hewitt says:

      #vivalahotdaga !

  2. YeetusThatFeetus says:

    Christine:This isn’t my son

    J.J Jones:Am I a joke to you?

  3. Thalia Inoue says:

    I knew this case because of “Changeling” (Great movie btw)

  4. Ereina Midnight says:

    Not even 2 minuets in and I realized you were talking about the wineville chicken coop murders/ disappearances. Seriously one of the most heart breaking events to ever have and sadly some of those mothers never knew what happened to their children even though the killer was found the bodies weren’t. #postmortem #boogara

  5. Juhi Verma says:

    I think that’s the most shaken up I’ve seen alright buddy?

  6. Olivia Bernard says:

    #forthepostmortem was it a common thing in the 1920s for the police to trust the judgment of a pet dog over the judgment of a fully grown woman WITH PROOF THAT ITS NOT HER SON?

    • John Henríquez says:

      Amd dental records ?

    • Kristine RG says:

      Magi MiteinemG Particularly in the 20s haha

    • Kenzie Marie says:

      “Obviously she’s a hysterical female so why would we trust her opinion over a dog’s?” –1920’s police officers probably.

    • Chay says:

      Yes. Women clearly never knoe what they’re talking about

    • NerdtasticZelda says:

      Yes, actually. Thousands of women were put in Psychiatric Wards for “speaking about politics” “independence from men” “novel reading” “laziness” “overaction of the mind” and many other bs things. If you were a woman with independent thoughts, the husband could do whatever he wanted.

  7. Didi Dogster says:

    Me: studying

    Also me: proceeds to watch all of buzzfeed unsolved

  8. Water Hazard says:

    BuzzFeed Movie Idea: C.C. Tinsley vs. the Evil Forces of J.J. Jones, Dr. Fear, and the Watcher. #postmortem #boogara #unsolved #shaniac

    • Deva Preethi says:

      Who is Dr.Fear? From which episode?

    • Lady Marmalade says:

      +S M Ricky Goldsworth would be the cocky criminal who C.C. Tinsley reluctantly partners with to solve a case.

    • Emily Marley says:

      There’s an end credits scene where Maizey and Pam show up with Minestrone and create a superhero team.

    • Mehreen Islam says:

      The place where the movie will be recorded shall be on the Alcatraz Island ((The Alcatraz Prison Break episode))

  9. Isabelle Doyle says:

    You should definitely do the disappearance of the Beaumont Children. It’s a cold case from Australia in the 60’s. It’s really interesting.

    • Willow Collins says:

      +gemini kala i think its one of those things we wont understand. as you said, it was a different time, and that kind of thing didnt really happen very often

    • Mr. Meeseeks says:

      I’m pretty sure they did, way back when it was on the OG buzzfeed channel

    • gemini kala says:

      +Mr. Meeseeks they did? I don’t remember.

    • Willow Collins says:

      +Mr. Meeseeks They haven’t done the Beaumont case, but have done cases similar to it (i.e. the Sodder children) and think considering the circumstances and events leading up to and after the fact, that this case would be worth checking out.

    • gemini kala says:

      +Roxxane Cobain and Eugene Martin, too. Like Johnny Gosch, he was a paperboy who disappeared. According to Noreen Gosch (Johnny’s mom), she was informed of Eugene’s abduction a few months in advance by a private investigator.

  10. MagicShop says:

    Walter’s Mom : “I’m just trying to find my son–”
    J. J Jones : ” *_TO THE RANCH_* “

  11. Crab Hoarder says:

    Walter and bobby Dunbar met on the same farm and lived happily ever after

  12. Little Penguin says:

    Christine: I’m not sure if he’s my so-
    J.J Jones: YOU FOOL!

  13. Anagha M. says:

    This story was the inspiration for the 2008 Angelina Jolie film “Changeling”.

  14. Jenny Jones says:

    New Walter: hey Ma, can we go see the new cowboy movie?
    Mother: But, you were abducted last time you went to the movies!!
    New Walter: right…..

  15. Mariel Angelie says:

    *sees boy wrapped in newspaper *

    bystanders: YES

  16. yves wes says:

    That mom did a better job at investigating this mystery than the police

  17. geo loves friends says:

    arthur hutchins: yeh i’m not walter

    j.j jones: *suprised pikachu meme*

  18. milk 고양이 says:

    He’s nine years old! He’s a full person!
    – Shane

  19. David Griffith says:

    Plot twist Walter was killed and became the boy in the box

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