The Queen’s sense of humour remembered: from off-mic quips to tea with Paddington

The Queen’s sense of humour remembered: from off-mic quips to tea with Paddington

As well as being Britain’s longest-reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II was widely known for her sense of humour.
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From joking with world leaders to sketches with Daniel Craig and Paddington Bear, the Guardian looks back at her most memorable funny moments

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32 Responses

  1. NameLess says:

    Coming from a former British Colony the Queen was ever present, seemingly almost immortal. She conveyed a sense of great wisdom and was truly one of the greats. Although I knew she was advanced in age and her health had evidently deteriorated throughout the year, the announcement of her death never the less shook us and the sense of great loss to the country brought us to tears. She was a great queen, a cherished queen and may she rest in peace.

    • Roger Harris says:

      I’m sorry for our shared difficult history, but thank you for your kind words

    • Aves Raggiana says:

      @Nizz So their country was formerly colonised, then subsequently granted independence. What’s there to feel about it?

    • Necron Lord of Earth says:

      @eastcoast That’s not how things work, things regarding governing the Empire was left to the parliament and the Prime Minister, and decolonizing is not something you just can do on a whim, it takes time to establish control to a new country, as for the commonwealth, most do not even have the queen as head of state, exept realms like Canada which ACTUALLY WANTED to her to remain, and the jewels nonesense can really be applied to any country for any time in history, there isn’t a time a country hasn’t taken resources for itself, blaming it on one country and demanding reperations for things that happened nearly a century ago is selfish and arrogant

    • Lala Holland says:

      @eastcoast are you nuts?

  2. J L says:

    She was the only queen that came to mind when someone mentioned “the queen”. She was the queen when my grandmother and mother were growing up. It’s surreal that she’s no longer around.

  3. Craig Millar says:

    I’ve never been a royalist however I find myself a little weepy eyed at this. She seemed to always do everything right and I don’t think there will be another one like her. She kept the British tradition alive and in her death I can recognize and acknowledge her role that she played with conviction throughout her reign. Rest well, your legacy is timeless.

  4. thewaywardpoet says:

    “Are you supposed to be looking as if you’re enjoying yourself?” She didn’t miss a beat with that one. XD

  5. Michele H says:

    That was the best tribute of all, showing the fun side of the Queen we so seldom got to share. She was a marvelous person through-and-through.

  6. CJUGames says:

    She was like the UK’s grandma. RIP ma’am.

  7. Cathie Matthews says:

    She did a job exceptionally well. Even, for someone who didn’t even have the choice of her role. I think the job is a lot harder than most people think. Very few people have the sort of job, where they are constantly openly judged, very publicly and harshly, on every step they move.

    • PeskyPenguin says:

      @ONLINE STUDY is talking a job? I dont know. I’ll ask my son who talks to strangers all day every day on behalf of a bank.

    • Zacxzcito xd says:

      @TooTrueSheep Just imagine that 1 word of yours could create a world war, like bro?

    • James Kwan says:

      @TooTrueSheep yep. But, if that’s what youve been born into, it is what it is. It would be like China giving Tibet and Taiwan away or USA giving land back to the Natives, or Russia letting go of Ukraine, Crimea, Belarus, etc. It’s not easy letting go

    • Me says:

      @TooTrueSheep She kept the country together for 70 years. That’s more than you’ve ever done.

    • TM Martin, Esq. says:

      @TooTrueSheep Right, what job?

  8. Jason Bennett says:

    The Jubilee and Olympics skits have me crying every time. I think it’s the sensation that someone so powerful took time out to engage in a bit of levity. That’s a proper use of power and position.

  9. Bob Pancakes says:

    This had me shed a tear – I remember seeing her live in Ascot, and when her horse won the race she did a little happy jump in her seat, all excited and I will never forget that moment. Just a wonderful human being ❤️
    May she rest in peace 🕊

  10. TruthTeller says:

    Being Irish, I really respect that she came here in recent years to acknowledge the deaths of Irish citizens during the troubles between our countries. She was a real lady

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