The Race to Win Staten Island

The Race to Win Staten Island

Thank you to my patrons for making this video possible:

Special thanks to: Abdullah Abdulaziz, Andrea Di Biagio, Andrew Proue, Bear, Ben Schwab, Bob Kunz, Cas Eliëns, Chris Amaris, Chris Chapin, Christian Cooper, chrysilis, Colin Millions, Dag Viggo Lokøen, David F WatsonDavid Palomares, Derek Bonner, Derek Jackson, Donal Botkin, DretheGreat, Edward Adams, Elizabeth Keathley, Emil, emptymachine, Erik Parasiuk, Esteban Santana Santana, Faust Fairbrook, Freddi Hørlyck, Gavin Voit, George Lin, Guillermo, Jacob O, James Bissonette, Jason Lewandowski, John Buchan, John Lee, John Rogers, JoJo Chehebar, ken mcfarlane, Kozo Ota, Leon, Maarten van der Blij, Marco Arment, Martin, Maxime Zielony, Michael Mrozek, Mikko, Nevin Spoljaric, Orbit_Junkie, Osric Lord-Williams, Peter Lomax, Phil Gardner, Rescla, Rhys Parry, Richard Jenkins, rictic, Ron Bowes, Saki Comandao, Shallon Brown, Shantanu Raj, ShiroiYami, Steven Grimm, Tianyu Ge, Tijmen van Dien, Tristan Watts-Willis, Tómas Ãrni Jónasson, Veronica Peshterianu, سليمان العقل

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53 Responses

  1. CGP Grey says:

    Thank you to all my patrons for making a video like this possible.

  2. Bulbous says:

    “Due to the extreme heat forecast for this weekend, the house will be closed”
    *Torrential rain 5 minutes later*

  3. The Optic says:

    We are unworthy for such content quality..

  4. Saint Bro'Dee says:

    No One:
    Absolutely No One:

  5. Jake Marsing says:

    As a historian, this is AMAZING. I’m going to show this to my classes during discussions on the work of history and how to value and evaluate sources. Such a great video.

    • Fluffy Kat says:

      @Hebl von Heblowitz Nero was treated as a complete shithead by historians for centuries because the Bible has a lot of mean things to say about Roman people. Then the actual Roman histories discuss Nero and describe him as quite the philanthropist. It’s literally a conspiracy theory that he burned Rome to build a new palace.

    • qwerfa says:

      @Hebl von Heblowitz A family member of mine works for my local historical society and has a ton of tales about facts being wrong because almost every historian that looks at our town has the same late 19th century book as their primary source for colonial information. Turns out the author pulled a lot of stuff out of his ass, mostly inventing dates when he couldn’t find precise information (making a TON of dates in some published book on the subject wrong by + – 5 years).

    • LeSarthois says:

      @Fluffy Kat Let’s not forget tho that many Roman historians weren’t really writing in a neutral way. Some of them to keep in good terms with the current leader, spat on the previous ones if needed and enlighted the current one.

    • Fluffy Kat says:

      @LeSarthois It almost as if history is one long game of telephone and only archaeological evidence can tell us with any certainty.

    • Qwertyuoip 123 says:

      That’s a really good point

  6. Lemonsandwich says:

    I like how with every video Gray gets a little more crazy every time.

  7. Daniel Vigil says:

    Wow, you really went that extra mile (no pun intended) to make this video ! Bravo ! Bravo.

  8. Mr. Safer says:

    I have an inkling now why so much time passes between some of the videos.

  9. Trevor Hatem says:

    CGP Grey: I don’t need to solve this mystery, the answers on the other side of the world. CGP Grey *2 seconds later*: *books flight*

  10. Ultrawup says:

    Me: “Why don’t you just fly across the ocean for this”
    Grey: *something something sunk cost fallacy, better buy some tickets*

  11. SBBwasaight Vuong says:

    Is this Indiana Jones 5: the Search for Billop’s Staten Island Insanity

  12. Marcos Landi says:

    CGPGrey angrily trying to find old information in poorly mantained archives… Now *that* is content.

  13. Guttube says:

    “Where is the truth?”
    Just over… Disoway….

  14. Adrian Pietkiewicz says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, CGP Grey presents “A day in the life of a historian”

  15. CNCcamon1 says:

    Grey: “I need to go to New York”
    Mrs. Grey: “Why?”

  16. Kernel Kraken says:

    _Internet Man is irrationally angry about a dead guy lying for eleven minutes and six seconds_

  17. Jye Lambert says:

    @CGP Grey You didn break into the house or dig up the grave… I think you lack commitment.

  18. Torrent6 says:

    I like the resonance of the rainbow in the story at the beginning and the rainbow in the graveyard at the end

  19. StripeyTail says:

    Its very telling of your personality that you react to a Supreme Court case about state lines like one would watching a celebrity roast and its very nice.

  20. TheTrippmeister says:

    This video is just a passive-aggressive response to everyone who says he takes too long to make videos.

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